Turning Over A New Leaf

We have never really been that family that was awesome and really into all natural everything …food …recycling…saving the earth.. everything. I know, shame on us. How dare we treat mother nature with the disregard that so many others do? Complacent would be a good word for us.

Well, that has all changed folks, we have turned over a new leaf. My husband (this is all part of his evil plan to “save money”) is to blame for our new change.

We bought a Leaf, as in a Nissan Leaf, as in an all electric car. Yes, us. I was completely against us purchasing another car, as this would be our third and that means a third car payment. I know it’s insane. Let me try to wrap my brain around this insanity as well.
The hubby’s current car payment is dirt cheap as car payments go. Our soon to be 15 year old will eventually need a car to drive. Not that I’m in a big hurry for that madness but it is what it is. The hubs believes by literally not having to pay for gas for the Leaf, the leaf pays for the dirt cheap car payment and then YAY we only really have 2 car payments. Confused yet? It is a used one and it only has 12,000 miles on it, so there was that. In other words, it was literally half the price of a brand new one and fully loaded. I believe I’ve mentioned the gazillion other times my husband has haggled for a good car deal and he got his way on this one as well. He asked that they also include the charger for the house in the price. They usually don’t do that because they aren’t in the business to sell you a home car charger. You actually buy them at Lowe’s and have an electrician install them. So they will send us a check in the mail to cover the charger. It comes with what they call a trickle charger, which is really used for emergencies and takes longer to charge. It’s all a very complicated process.
The car itself is really fascinating, everything is from recycled parts, there is even a solar panel on the roof that helps power the inside stuff. Let me just mention one thing, it has no transmission. It still has all the bells and whistles of a normal car and this one is loaded with back up camera, heated seats, and heated steering wheel (really?). It will go about 89 miles for a full charge. Which could literally be two days commute to work for the hubs. I would think one would still charge it fully every night. There is even two modes -eco and real drive mode. When getting up some gumption you use real drive then change to eco.
It really isn’t that much of a difference in driving. It’s kind of the same concept of the hybrid, it recharges when at stops and you learn the ebb and flow of when to let it just do it’s thing as far as slow down/acceleration goes. You are more focused on how you drive (I think) than say you would with a gas car. I like to think that my gas car pretty much does its thing for me without me really thinking about it and it drives me back and forth to work. The Leaf you drive and control the way you drive to conserve its energy. It’s just crazy that it has a gas pedal but isn’t actually used for gas but just more power to accelerate.
I didn’t mean to actually do a review of the car but well there you go.

I’m still getting used to the overall shock that I have an electric car. My son will probably learn to drive in it and he will be the coolest kid in school and doesn’t have to pay gas when he eventually goes out with his buddies. It’s mainly at this point, only going to be used for the commute car and the other car will be the son’s car.
Overall I’m pretty impressed with the concept of this car and it really makes total sense when you think about things. I’m not sure why it’s not more popular, even more so than a hybrid. The price overall new or used is reasonable, seeing as how you will never buy gas. There are charging stations more prominent than you think. If you buy new, there is a reasonable government rebate that would help pay it down. Buying the charger itself also will be 75% paid back in government rebates so there is that too.

Oh and on top of turning over the leaf we also went all wind power for our electricity. I mean if were going to be increasing our energy usage somewhere instead buying gas, we might as well let the wind do it for us. Apparently selecting wind power as our electrical usage does not change the impact of the electricity we receive as both wind and electric all go to the same station and then out to everyone. So it only made sense to go with way cheaper when there literally is no difference.

*This sudden review on the Nissan Leaf was not compensated, nor was I asked to review the Leaf, all opinions are my own and Nissan has no affiliation with me accept that I purchased a vehicle. Waves at Nissan.*


One thought on “Turning Over A New Leaf

  1. That is really cool. I am intrigued by electric cars but have not gotten up the motivation to really look into them. I look forward to seeing what you think about it down the road, so to speak, after you guys have driven it for awhile.

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