03 04 07

My blog buddy Jen @ MommaBlogsAlot reminded me that March is blog birthday time for the blog. Apparently I’ve been doing this for 7 years.
I admit I have lost the writing prowess I had back in 2008 (it took me a year to really find my voice).

Bare with me as I come up with crafty ways of telling stories that at least amuse me. I’ve honestly really tried to come up with something of substance only to come up with my annoying excitement of starting a new adventure.
I have considered adding a new page to the blog that relates to my work adventures and a selfie of my work outfits. It sounds so narcissistic but I’ve seen “working blogger” posts that do that…actually it was on Pinterest who am I kidding? Anyway it might be fun (for me) to see what I come up with everyday. I have to be a little more par for the office attire course at the other place. I did mention it’s the plaza right? Although my current work place has a office standard, it’s way more lax though it’s still stringent. I know, how confusing can I be?

So Happy Birthday Blog! I would be as cool as Jen and make a nifty graphic but I’m doing good to just declare it.


One thought on “03 04 07

  1. Happy bloggy birthday Jean! I love your idea for work selfies and just blogging your journey at the new job – it’s so cool that you were able to go back to school, graduate and get the degree and then put it to use in your career practically immediately! I think a lot of people would be inspired by that.

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