Day Book 03-10-14

Outside My Window: We finally are seeing sunny days ahead. I hope it stays that way because really this whole weather thing, I’m done.

I’m Hearing: The Voice.

I’m Thinking: I’m slowly doing crazy things like reading blogs again. If you have suggestions for “newish” bloggers I should read, I’m game. I’ve got a little time now. I also really want to get back to photography. There’s a very slight possibility I may get to dabble with it in my new adventure. I can’t even wrap my mind around the possibilities I may be undertaking. Slow and steady at first just to get me in the swing of things and then who knows.

I’m Hoping: I get through this week and not get a little emotional. My work peeps are a second family to me and even though I’m in the same company I will be in a completely different environment and building all together. It’s a big step up. When I say I’m going to the plaza at work it’s a “big deal”. I know I keep gushing on and on about it but it’s just life changing really. So I won’t see them often unless I force a lunch date once in a blue moon, is what I’m trying to say really.

Plans For The Week: I’m basically just flying by the seat of my pants as usual.

Picture Thoughts: I promise I will do better the rest of the week.


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