The Finish Line

I’m thinking this will be the last post on this particular blog as I “transfer” to the other and I might as well leave it with a grand finale of deep thoughts and reminiscing of the goals I had in mind career wise…after all the blog is called WM247, and I have juggled that thing called working full time and taking care of a household which indeed is a full time job in itself. If your just now getting the whole “theme” here well…that’s ok.

There is a few possible “prospects” in what I hope is the very new future for my career change and career goals, hence why I hope to finish here and start like a phoenix rising from the ashes on the new blog. (Don’t worry I’ll let you know when that happens here).

If you would have asked me my “career” goals at 18 I probably would have semi laughed and possibly scoffed at the idea. I, like any true young adult was completely living by the day and didn’t really have anything set in stone for the future and really and truly figured it would be a safe bet to go into health care and be a nurse or some such just to appease the masses. (Seriously… I do love science and the human body and figured that was the way to go) It wasn’t something I was truly passionate about. I honestly thought I had no clue what I wanted to be at 18, or even 24 for that matter. I’m pretty sure it was around 26-27. I just really didn’t think or knew what I was passionate or talented at. Who had time to think about stuff passion when you married young, had one kid, moved to Texas, had another, went to work to pay the bills, had another kid and kept on working just to get by and pay for daycare?
Something buried deep deep inside of me finally was completely excavated when I was working in Texas and back in that day was free to browse the internet without restriction between calls and stumbled on some kind of blog awards thing. (bare with me this may be long but I will get to a point eventually) I was completely intrigued, I clicked on each “nominee” and the first being the infamous Pioneer Woman’s Blog. Believe me I was reading the Pioneer Woman before she was THE Pioneer Woman. It was literally as if Pandora’s box had opened. Here this woman was doing everything I had ever loved to do in some form or another long long long ago. She was writing stuff about her life and she was funny… hello diaries 1 2 and 3, she was taking amazing pictures, and designing her web pages- creating stuff. It was all rolled into one and she was just barely getting her start of speaking at blog conferences and getting paid ( I think she had like Blogher and one major company at that time). I could not believe that someone was actually getting paid for doing the most awesome job on the whole planet. It wasn’t even the idea of getting paid at that point, but I couldn’t get to Blogger fast enough to create my blog. Wait, that’s a total lie, I completely put it off for a week or two because for some reason I really had to stew this over because hello people may actually read this stuff.
Anyway, the start of her blog completely changed everything for me. Back in the day I was a pretty darn good blogger and I was writing stuff like reviews for companies and was heavily involved in twitter parties and then vlogging was soon my thing. Go ahead re read my old stuff..I admit to getting sucked into a time warp and re reading the blog.
Then I decided this whole marketing communications thing was the way to go and I needed to completely go crazy and refuel my passions within the creatives and go back to school and get paid to be passionate about something. And Here I am.

Tuesday was the second interview I have had with a potential company and it is within my current company. I really truly have made it a goal of mine in order to gain experience it best to gain it where I already have my foot in the door. I have the necessary “background” experience and tenured with the company and it honestly probably is my best shot. I’ve been waiting patiently for a position in this department to open up. I have diligently been checking the postings within, waiting for the heavens to open and there it be. I didn’t care if they needed a coffee runner, I was going to apply for it. Then on Jan 3rd..there it was a position working within the creatives.
My interview went beyond better than I expected. I didn’t have to answer many questions, he talked most of the time and was very impressed with my “credentials” if you know what I mean. Mmm… a bachelors in visual communications, leadership experience… the works. Then he told me something I completely didn’t expect. He told me that another position has also recently opened up within. A “manager” type position in my dream kind of job department and he has referred me for that position as well. I may have almost squealed with excitement right there. Really me? Then he said something else that I didn’t expect…”if you don’t hear from me by the 12th of Feb, call me as it may just be things are tied up with HR and I do have to work it out with the big big boss.”
Now of course this is not to say that I feel I’m set in stone, in like flynn, or any of those things. I cannot get myself worked up and then crash down to Earth extremely disappointed. I will say that I really feel the odds are in my favor again one must not count the chickens yet. Surely 1 of the two positions would be under consideration.
If you would have told me 4 years ago when I took my silly career strategies class and we had to list our short term and long term goals- of course short term being finish school, long term find dream job become manager…better yet become director all of this not taken seriously and just for an easy grade…if you would have told me that the silly dream stuff would/could come true, I seriously would have laughed in your face.
Tune in soonish (we hope) for the little mommy blogger that could, become a real career something or other. It will happen for sure we just want it to happen sooner than later. I literally see the finish line after this long marathon and I’m going to make it. I’m really actually going to make it. Dream Big cause it really can happen.


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