Well Better Later Than Never

It’s a good thing I never made any resolution to blog more in 2014. I do hope to remedy that, just getting here and starting a post is half the battle.

I think my mood and attitude is finally coming around. Winter is always so bleak for me. The sun really makes a difference. I’m probably one of those few people who can actually notice the slightest difference that the days are gradually getting longer already.

Well enough with that….

As for the new year, it’s here and I have decided no life changing goals or any of that. I’m playing this one day by day. I have some really hopeful prospects (I think) in the works. I’m trying to be optimistic but also focused on my task at hand which has been extremely hard when you want to get started on this thing they call living to work instead of working to live. Sending me good vibes this week would really help a girl out.

I hate to admit that I don’t think I’ve even taken all of 3 pictures this year if that, and that includes my phone. January has always been the month with the least picture taking.

This is probably enough rambling for now. Looks like someone is really late taking down the Chirstmas decor this year. (Yes I still have a Christmas header up…let’s see if after this post I get something new and fresh up. I probably should brush up on my mad design skills.)


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