Day Book 12/9/13

Outside My Window: Coldness….

(Look at Google plus being all fancy with the did it know?)

Many northerners wonder what the big deal is? The big deal is it’s very rare for us to have below freezing temps and snow and ice this early in the winter season. We’re not used to that. School has been out since Friday and continues to be out until Tuesday. The neighborhoods are still pretty bad. No bus would want to even try to get up our hill. I’m pretty sure they gauge closings based on our hill. I’m just saying.

I Am Hearing: The News which we don’t watch often but hey.

(insert random snow pics and warm puppy pics here)

I Am Thinking: Sigh…I’ve finally got somewhat of Christmas cheer by putting up the tree. I think that’s as good as it will get. At least it’s something.

I Am Hoping: For a little bit of a warm up but not expecting much. I’m also hoping that by the time this is read tomorrow I will have a my official degree certificate in my cold clammy hands. UPS has been trying to get to me with out success.

Plans For The Week: I was supposed to have an interview for a position I actually applied for but I rescheduled. I know I’m lame. I just have no drive right now. I blame the cold and darkness it happens this time every year. Oh and the hubs has one of his company parties this week so there’s a little bit of something to look forward to.

She does warm this grinchy heart a little.

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