Day Book 12/1/13

Outside My Window: The usual cooler temps and fall like, can’t complain

I Am Hearing: Sunday night football

I Am Thinking: It’s a been a couple of weeks since my last post and my mother has gotten concerned (not really) when she asks, so your last post was a few weeks ago? That’s a hint that I’m behind.
I’ve been on the hunt for a you know what…that thing that validates I have this awesome degree and student loans to pay for it. I’ve had a lot of possible nibbles from companies that I didn’t apply for but they found me based on publishing my resume. It’s overwhelming and scary at the same time. The sad thing is none of them are anything I’m looking for. If I’m desperate I could always sell life insurance. I’m just saying.
Instead of blogging, that has been my Sunday night homework of the week. I’ve tweaked my resume so many times for so many different possibilities it’s crazy.

I Am Hoping: I will get my house in some kind of order in preparation for Christmas. I admit I’ve had ample opportunity but have been down right blah since my dog has passed and my dream job possibility didn’t pull out that my hopes have been kind of down. Plus I’ve put a huge halt to my “healthier habits” kick (remember we weren’t calling it a diet/exercise plan) which I’m sure would boost my mood but it’s a matter of getting back on the horse and I haven’t had the mental gung ho to do so. I can tell my somewhat formed muscles are flabbing out again…literally.
(Obviously I needed some therapy writing today)

I did at least get my Christmas cards and traditional yearly calendars ready and ordered way earlier than I ever have. It only took me all of Saturday to do so because I’m such a stickler now a days for how things look, that it never looks right ever. But I do think the card this year is “designed” better than it has in the last few years. I’m sure it all has to do with the fact that I’m a college graduate now. (yeah…sure).

Plans For The Week: Nothing major as of yet. I will say that the hubs has landed his “dream job” as full time now thanks to his career services company he used. Needless to say now that he is full time and could put us on his benefits, I’m hoping planning that they can now help me find something. They have spoiled him on this job adventure and are taking him out for lunch tomorrow and he’s going to bring them my resume. So there is that.

Picture Thoughts: Yes we need some pics in this whiny post.

I came to an alarming conclusion that I didn’t even come close to taking enough pictures this year. This made it challenging when doing up my calendar project. Most of my picture taking was from my phone which I need to transfer back to the ‘puter. I’ll get on that.


One thought on “Day Book 12/1/13

  1. I’ve been a bit blah / avoiding being responsible and healthy lately also – like I know what to do but just kinda don’t want to do it. Super responsible, I know!

    I hope you find that dream job soon – I’m so impressed that you went back to school and got the degree, that’s huge!

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