Day Book 11-11-13

Outside My Window: It’s getting colder as we speak and I’m not having anything to do with colder weather this early in November. I really wanted to get some fall pics in and have yet to do so. I’m afraid that we’re going to be in for a really harsh winter …hopefully I’m wrong.

I Am Hearing: Doctor Who (of course) “Hooverville” (Is it sad that I know the titles?) It’s not one of my faves but whatever. P.S. I’m crazy excited about the 50th and really considering not only watching it at home but seeing it in theaters. It’s going to be epic just from what I’ve seen of previews.

I Am Reading: I didn’t finish Life After Life, is it sad that I kind of figure the ending won’t be too surprising? It did get better as it moved along but my subscription expired on the library and I already re checked it out. I didn’t really feel it worth my time to finish.
I’m on the hunt for the next book. If you’re in a book club and want to tell me what your next read is that would be cool. 🙂

I Am Hoping: Still waiting around for that hope thing. I’m really not holding my breath as of yet. I would blog about it but I’m still trying to keep optimistic.

I Am Thinking: I really need to get back on my Insanity regime. I kind of let it go after the mourning of the dog. I felt I was allowed to “grieve” and eat what I want for a bit. It’s time to get back in gear now and I’m dreading it at this point because starting back is so hard.

Plans For The Week:
Not to much. It will be a busy work week plus I have a “date” with my boss/ good friend to attend the annual service dinner for work. If you work for 10 years you get a really nice Taj watch and honored at the service dinner. Every year after that they give you a pen and you still get to attend the dinner. Since the bosses hubby usually has to work and or is not overly thrilled to attend I get to come along as her plus 1. It really is fun when you know the people and can hob nob with the big wigs oh and dress up too. So there’s that.

Picture Thoughts:
I have really slacked off as usual on the photo taking department. I’ll try to amend that later in the week.

One Last Thought: The youngest got a ‘Respect’ award from the principal. Which I found oddly odd..reason being he literally just got a hole punch(oh yes the dreaded hole punch) for supposedly being disrespectful to the lunch lady for supposedly just saying ” Can I have a little more please?” according to him. I’m pretty sure he was honest and sincere when he asked for more and was polite about it. I really don’t see him being downright rude to a “stranger”. I again took the hole punch with a grain of salt and just asked to at least apologize the next day to appease the masses. I don’t think he remembered to apologize, so for him to suddenly get this ‘Respect’ award today was totally out of left field. Good job buddy for being respectful wherever whenever that was.


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