Day Book 11/04/13

Outside My Window: It’s getting chilly and dark and soon to be rainy. Typical fall I suppose. I’m loving the trees of color. They don’t have a lot of trees in North Texas and it saddens me, which I guess it shouldn’t since I don’t live there anymore. I’m just sayin…

I Am Hearing: The ending of Doctor Who Doomsday. Oh the feels. Here is my question to my particular Whovian friend. Rose talks about her mom being pregnant. I can’t ever understand why they didn’t ever bring anything up about it later when she (Rose) comes back? Real nerd problems I suppose.

I Am Thinking: Another “nerdy” show we enjoy is Bang Goes The Theory on BBC. Very sciency and right up there with Mythbusters but less explosions which I appreciate.

I’ve got other things on my mind but it’s kind of a hurry up and wait and see kind of thing. I’ll let you know when it’s all said and done.

I also will do better to comment on posts. I’ve been using my Kindle a lot to read the blogs and then do the writing on the laptop. I have a hard time going into the link, signing in with wordpress and trying to comment. I guess the Kindle and WordPress don’t jive well. Though I do have the wordpress app, just haven’t used it much on the Kindle.

I Am Hoping: I have some hopes but it’s still too early to mention anything yet. I’m sure you can kind of figure what I’m talking about. I’m not over hopeful but hopeful. How about that for chasing around the subject?

Plans For The Week: No big plans really. We’ll just wait and see.

Picture Thoughts: Trick or Treat was kind of a success and bust at the same time. The boys were the dynamic duo of Batman and Joker with the youngest as a last minute football player. He didn’t want to be Sheldon because he is weird like that. This week it is Red Ribbon Week so we’ll how much bribing it will take to get him to do dressing up for this week.

We were pretty much the only ones traversing around the neighborhood which was good and bad lots of extra candy at our house from no trick or treaters and good as we had the whole place to ourselves.


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