A Letter From A Punchy Parent

Dear 4th Grade Teacher(s),

It has come to my attention the new system for “punishing” those who show irresponsibility, and disorganization in class is a hole punch to indicate said child didn’t do what they were supposed to do, and at the end of the week/month the number of hole punches indicate whether the child is allowed to partake of movie day or sit in detention.

I get that some method of reward and punishment is necessary, but what if it doesn’t work for my kid and what if I’m the one that causes the hole punch(es) in the first place?
IF I have signed every necessary form of paperwork and mistakenly forgot to sign the little hole punch tally figurine stapled to his folder where I signed the folder, and he gets a punch for me not signing it who really should be punished? I feel like if he breathes in the wrong direction it’s a hole punch.
I admit I’m kind of over this hole punch thing and haven’t really gotten on to him for them unless it’s something like not turning in homework. I’m not going to punish the kid for my mistake. It’s upidstay.
I apologize for not bringing this up at the conference because you guys were so adamant to tell me all the wrong things my child possess and you kind of laughed off the fact when we brought up that he is pretty darn smart and probably bored in class, hence why he can’t sit still in class and focus, oh and you feel he should be on meds (thanks but no thanks) not that you said it directly but you mentioned meds very discretely and I caught on to where you were going with that.

I believe that is it for now. We will muddle through 4th grade with much gnashing of teeth and hope for the best in 5th grade.

Signed One Punchy Parent.


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