Day Book 10/29/2013

Outside My Window: It’s chilly, dark, and I’m dreading daylight savings time and I’m not sure when it starts. 


I Am Hearing: Mythbusters

I Am Thinking: It’s really strange not feeling stressed and pressed for time to get homework done on Sundays. I’d like to say I’m getting a lot done with my “free time” but it seems other stuff just gets in the way…of course

I Am Hoping: That the rest of this week is awesome. There’s a certain knock at my door and I think it’s a big O. I don’t want to say any more than that but send good vibes to me tomorrow. Pretty please.  

I Am Reading: I’m still reading Life After Life. I’m enjoying it I suppose. I’m really close to finish and somehow I think it’s going to be a let down. But who knows.

Plans For The Week: Besides the one thing tomorrow there’s that other thing on Thursday. I’m a little disappointed that we don’t get to dress up at work this year. First time ever they cancelled Halloween. I had big plans for me and my co-workers boys to be random insurance characters. -Mayhem, Jake from State Farm. Me as Flo of course. They were going to be willing to go with it because I’m bossy like that and when you’re the only girl you kind of get you way on things like this sort or. Any who that’s not happening and we’re all kind of bummed. 

Picture Thoughts: 

I’ll have to pass for the moment on pics..I selected the wrong “post” type in word and ugh…why does it have to be so complicated now?



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