Goodnight Sweet Boy…Go Gently To Your Rest

Ugh… I hate to even start a non meme post with this one, but writing is cheaper and easier than therapy for me at least.

We’ve had Annakin since he was wee little six weeks old. (If any mental energy prevails I will post pics in his homage)

I may tear up before I’ve even started.

I’ll admit he was a little puppy terror but dang it he was a cute one. He destroyed many a shoes and toys and everything in between. But again dang it he was cute.

He found a love of sprinklers and his girl Bella

They were inseparable including their escapes every other night to roam the country.

Then just over a month ago he started really having labored breathing it was obvious he was really struggling but didn’t complain and we knew we had to get him seen. The vet had no idea what was going on but both of his lungs were collapsed and all the air was now surrounding his chest cavity instead of inside his lungs. Normally situations like this are caused from a traumatic experience or some kind of puncture but there was nothing. They had to manually draw the air from his chest cavity in order to give room in chest to fill up again and breath..I think I’m describing that right.
Most people have a great difficulty of paying a great expense for a dog, it’s just a struggle for us as anyone else but we really didn’t want to give up and we felt blessed that we had some means for the time being to give it a shot. We wanted to show the boys that you just don’t give up on family.
After a couple of days in the hospital he miraculously got better. The vet couldn’t confirm whether it would come back again or not.

Fast forward 30 plus days with no problems and we woke up Friday morning to him struggling again to breath. This time it was pronounced he wouldn’t/couldn’t lay down but would stretch his neck up to get air.
We felt we were wringing our hands in despair as sure we were able to foot a significant vet bill before we couldn’t do it a second time in such a short period of time. We felt deep inside there probably wouldn’t be much option for him and who was to say it wouldn’t come back again?
Luckily or sadly the boys were out of school Friday. We got them up and explained our predicament. They understood sadly and said their goodbyes. We took him to his last visit to grandma’s to say goodbye, dropped the kids off and went on to the regular vet. We knew there wasn’t enough time to go across time to the emergency vet. We explained the grim situation and the vet contacted the emergency vet for more information to see if there could be one last try of something.
It was at this point that our poor boy who although struggling was acting like a puppy again and filled with curiosity of the sounds from the dogs on the other side of the closed door. He also was turning blue. If you never thought a black dog can turn blue, they most certainly can due to lack of oxygen. Our hearts sank greatly and we knew there really was just no more time.
So our sweet boy went to the great beyond with me and the hubs at his side. We took a moment to tell him how awesome he was and that he no longer had to suffer. I’m sure he’s around somewhere chasing sprinklers in the big back yard in the sky.
We will miss you sweet boy!

(so glad I took this pic last week, before there was nary a sign of any struggle)


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