Day Book 10/20

It really does feel so good to be doing this again…cause it’s the first step to getting back to routine blogging.
I still need to work on changing over to the other site. Baby steps though.
See if I can remember how to do this.

Outside My Window: Beautiful last couple of days. Perfect fall weather.

I am hearing: Celebrity Paranormal. I am also slightly hearing the youngest singing Applause by Lady GaGa from his room. Love that kid! He is so crazy into football and Barry Sanders of all players and googles everything about the Ravens, football and Barry Sanders and then quizzes me on random football player facts like “Mom, what team did Joe Montanna play for?” Like I don’t know son. He sometimes looks shocked that I actually know.

I am thinking: I’m a touched bummed that my graduation has to be set at the most inconvenient time of December 20th. That would be all well and good if it wasn’t in Denver Colorado. The hubs would not be able to get off the week before Christmas as that is their busy time. Did I mention the hubs got a new job? He loves it and it’s a so much better opportunity for him to grow and receive benefits which is something he didn’t have a good chance at at the smaller business.
The funny thing is I may make an attempt at working at the same place. We’ll see.
I have been on my own search for the “dream job.”

I am hoping: For once in a long while I feel pretty content about things. Good weeks at work are always helpful and hopeful.

This Kid:

Is getting way too big too fast. We’ve already started the shaving thing (I know!) He refuses to do anything that requires hair combing. He has great hair …

Plans For The Week: I am on a slow process of de cluttering the house. It’s a slow go but I am trying. That’s the extent of the excitement of my plans.

Currently Reading: Life After Life. I’m half way through. It’s picking up but I don’t think it’s one I would rave about. It has some good parts but still pretty slow.

Picture Thoughts:
I’ve posted most of these pics on facebook already but this is all for anyone else, like my mother

Of course I have to include my notorious butterfly and puppy pics.

Ok I’ll spare you…just one more.


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