Time To Get Back In The Groove

So glad to see that there are a few stragglers left… waiting patiently for my brilliance. 🙂

I’m trying to get back into the swing of “normalcy” and it’s going to take me a moment, so bare with me as I get back into a rhythm of writing for “fun” again. 

I haven’t even began to begin the other site yet but it will come soon. 

I have a few things to jot down that I need to write about: Snakes In a Kitchen (oh yes) My thoughts on Insanity, the boys and their doings, I want to get back into doing my Monday Posting (you know the one..Day Book) and a few other weekly prompts that I’m going to pretend I have time to do now. I’m still really trying to tell my brain that I am not on a in between semester break, because my brain thinks break as in relax from doing mind straining stuff. If that makes sense. I also will try really hard to get back into the blogospehere ( I’ve missed you guys and it so much!) 

Here is the part where I really get random…you know like normal. 

I am currently reading Life After Life by Kate Atkins. Interesting sort of a reincarnation of a little girl who can sort of change the outcome of how she dies or sometimes not. It had a slow start as it starts over and over again each time she passes. It literally retells her birth in a different light each  time she is “born again”. It’s been annoyingly interesting. I can’t explain it. 

Oh I must also tell you (whispers) I got a new car. Say what?! I know. I don’t even want to go into the long story of it but if you recall…just read two posts down 🙂 My new car story then involved car issues and that snow balled into a lot of things to the point that we just weren’t happy with the car anymore and the woes it and the dealership caused. I am happy to report that I have a even more brand new car that is the 2013 Toyota Camry. It was a hail damage car from our big tornado in May. I’m sure you heard about it.  Anywho..long story short I fell in love with this car. I make the same payments that I did with the sporty car and this one is more of the family reliable stable no more fun girl car. I also feel 100 percent confident I will be taken better care of with the dealership with this one and I promise to never ever again buy another car for a little while. I didn’t want to mention (brag) about this turn of events on facebook as I’m sure people would be really annoyed with me. I’m also pretty sure the neighbors don’t even know what to do with the likes of us and the amount of car changes we have had in the last 4 years. 

That is all for now. I promise more content worthy posts and pictures in the near future. Bare with me on getting back in the groove of reading blogs again. I’m still testing out feed readers on my Kindle. Can I just say that I love doing the Internet thing on my Kindle? Not so much for writing blog posts, but reading them and facebook, and pinterest gives me so much more the feel of actually reading content than just surfing it on the computer. Give me your thoughts on feed readers for Kindle..if you’re in the know on these things. Right now I use the GReader, which I think is the knock off of the the old Google Reader. I think? 


2 thoughts on “Time To Get Back In The Groove

  1. My book club is reading Life After Life next month. I’m intrigued by the premise, hopefully I enjoy it. We read A Tale For The Time Being last month and I loooooved it and we are reading Lauren Graham’s novel, Someday, Someday, Maybe which was such a fun, short read. Now that you have “free time” ya know…

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