….That’s What You Missed On Me

(Wondering if anyone even added me to their new feed reader…RIP Google Reader)

Any who… I figure I should probably make a bulleted post to catch everyone up. I really still kind of taking a hiatus from blogging until this girl is done with school. Hopefully you can hang in there 3 more months. (insert tiny squee of joy here)

As all 5 (4? 3? 1?) know little state endured tragic events this week. The support has been amazing so thank ya’ll for that. Facebook has been an amazing way for me to really follow some of my close friends stories of their situation.

I have my own sob story situation with my car. It sickens me to even think about it.

The boys are out of school and the oldest two are volunteering at the library for the summer because my mother is awesome and likes to drive children all over.

I have to take economics this summer, booo at least advanced Illustrator will soften the blow.
I am on a job hunt for my dream job. I’ve sent a few resumes and stuff so we’ll see.
Here’s a random cute puppy pic to keep you interested…


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