Return of the Hyun dai

(Sounding like Jedi…yeah)

I should include a scrolling graphic text of what happened in the previous episode of my car buying adventure but it’s probably the last post as I am the epitome of slacker when it comes to blogging. I actually brag about my blog in my creative writing class ( I know I’m lame like that)

So the saga continued….

I loved that car. I really really loved that car. I never quite had a car that I just loved that was sporty and had the fun bells and whistles. I always settled with what was practical the mom mobile. I’m sure I mentioned that before. I’m also sure my mid life crises is coming around and dang it just let me have a fun car with excellent gas mileage ok? Just this once.

The finance guy called my hubby earlier this week that our bank wouldnt finance us past a certain amount. That certain amount of course was more than the car. So they got us financed through a different lender at a much higher rate and monthly payment. This was unacceptable. I will love a car as much as the next guy, but I refuse to feel sick every month we make a payment. The hubs and I decided to find something else I really loved that was somewhat used and a much better price. We also did some research and hybrids really weren’t meant for mainly highway miles, which is all I basically drive 5 days a week.

My quest began Friday and Saturday for a vehicle I loved as much as my Sweetie. I tried to tell myself that I could settle for less bells and whistles. I drove more cars in the past 2 days than I have in a lifetime. Maybe not..but it was a lot.

Ford Focus was nice but it did nothing for me. It drove nice and had a few bells and whistles but just didn’t have that sporty look I was going for.

Chevy Cruze -also a nice drive, again no bells and whistles and no sporty look.

My husband was beginning to doubt that I would find anything up to par with Sweetie.

Do you know how fun it is to drive up to a dealership in a brand newish car -temp tag on and say your looking for a car similar to this one? The looks you get. Of course then you have to go through the whole story over and over again. Fun Times.

I drove a few cars that I can’t even remember what they were . Obviously they didn’t leave a lasting impression.

By mid day Saturday I had probably driven 6 cars and nothing was even on the list of possibilities. I never in my life have stood up someone on a date, but I stood up many a dealers yesterday -claiming we would be back. We even had dealers claiming they would drop the car off for us and get our trade in back so we could sign the deal with their car. Uhm no that’s ok.

We finally hit the Nissan place before determining it was time to go back to our dealer. I found an Altima that finally stood out from the others and was the right price. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles I wanted but I really liked it. The hubs was shocked I found one that made the list. We told them we would be back….ahem.

When we drove into our dealer, we drove up and down that car lot as the hubs knew I probably would only settle for a Sonata that was the right price. In other words a non hybrid that had the same stuff I had. Surely it would be in price range. We started out in new cars which was a mistake. Back to certified/used cars it was. I actually found an Altima there as well that didn’t quite have the bells and whistles I wanted. I was determined that I could still find something that had what I wanted at the right price. The Altima was nice but I just couldn’t do it. The hubs knew that. He told me to wait outside for whatever reason and he would be back to talk to our guy.

There was still one more car that I really wanted to test drive and that was the Elantra. I knew it was a little smaller than the Sonata but it had pretty much everything I wanted and was the right price. I kept staring at it while I was waiting, wondering what my sneaky husband was up to. I finally went inside and he was just sitting waiting on the finance guy. He said he decided that there wasn’t any car out there that had everything I wanted and that we were just going to go ahead and settle with Sweetie, the finance guy was getting the paper work ready to sign. Ahem does he not realize I also have to sign this? Needless to say we started to cause a scene (not really but maybe) that I didn’t want to sign that.

I love that my hubs may not shower me with flowers and gifts all the time, but when he knows I really want the moon he will do what needs to be done to get me the moon. Despite my angst and denials that I don’t need the moon to be happy, he’s going to try and get me the moon. He was seriously going to figure out a way to work it out for me to have my car.

I kept telling him there is one more car…just let me test this one more car. He absolutely would not budge on letting me test the Elantra. If we weren’t sitting literally right next to the office where the keys were kept and our sales guy wasn’t passing us by hearing our conversation’ we probably would have driven Sweetie home and settled for the high payment. I stood my ground though and finally told the sales guy please just let me try one more.

I just want to say one thing about our sales guy. He’s a down to earth guy that never once made me feel like I had to always go with the first car I tested. The other vultures I have dealt with in the past two days have made me feel like this is it there is nothing else. He also admitted to us that he isn’t getting much as far as commission from our deal. Did he make me feel bad about that? Not in the least.

He gave me the keys to that Elantra, I got inside and was completely de- stressed of all anxiety. It had the bells and whistles I wanted, minus one feature -the back up camera but that’s ok. I knew that Elantra was the one when I first saw it on my walk through of the lot. It may not have been the blue I wanted but I was ok with that.

We signed the paperwork and we are happy with the payments end of story.

As my middle son stated…it’s like your car regenerated. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s older yet younger, kind of like the doctor. I’m thinking he’s more of a Rory. (We watch too much Doctor Who don’t we?)
You probably couldn’t even really tell the difference other than color if you didn’t know better.

A little determination, perseverance and digging and I got what I want. I don’t even feel like I settled for second best. I settled for the best based on the situation.


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