I Didn’t Want To Go There

Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook about the whole state testing situation.

I’ve always had my qualms about state testing as I’m sure many have. So when I got notes sent home regarding this “mandatory” meeting for parents over third grade testing, I could feel the twinge of what was to come. Here we go it’s going to be another pomp and circumstance of prepping for state testing just like in Texas… yet it wasn’t like that at all.

The principal of our school called this meeting to give us parents a reality check of what the state legislature is trying to do to our schools, our teachers and our kids. This woman is passionate about these kids and their education but is just sick as to whats in store for kids next year. The media isn’t telling us anything about it. I’m so thankful for her and blessed to have a principal like her.

Heres the handout in collage form which gives the overall basic gist of what’s going on.



This overall situation affects all three of my boys in some ways. Luckily my youngest won’t be succomed to the third grade craziness. Can you imagine if your third grader does not pass the state test and then has to redo third grade again because he possibly had a bad day? Get this when he does repeat 3rd grade he can take the test after 9 weeks and if he passes then, he gets to go to 4th grade. How messed up is that? 

I don’t want to even go into how my middle child who has an IEP and is in Special Ed will have to deal with this. HIs educational success should not ride on this test. 

As the principal honestly told us…the state has set schools up to fail. How sad is that for your own principal to tell a cafeteria full of parents that? A school that is marked as a “Satisfactory/ High performing school” . 

I just don’t know anymore. My youngest even stated “you know how to fix this mom? you home school and take me to the science museum for field trips.” 

Sadly he would still probably have to take that dang state test. 

What also is sad is that all though the hype for magnet schools is amping up they don’t even have to come close to the standards that the public schools are going to have to work so hard to live up to. A standard that could and will cost teacher jobs and schools to live up to a standard that will be impossible to reach. 

I’m all about enhancing our education and striving to raise standards compared to other countries but this is going to be a shot in the foot. 


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