Before I Forget….

Before I get down to the nitty gritty of doing homework, I figured I should tell my story about this shiny new item in my garage.

So yesterday the hubs and I had some errands to run like oil changes and bank deposits and all that fun stuff that goes on for a typical Saturday. *whispers* we left the kids at home because they would rather have root canals than be dragged around town * It’s ok the oldest is a great babysitter…considering his brothers are not babies. Luckily the youngest actually doesn’t cause havoc when were gone.

Anywho so were out galavanting about town and the hubs drops his truck off to get some work done. *remind me to tell you his truck story* We have some time to kill so we just for fun go by the dealership we got my Tuscon from. You know poor Tutti who died of cardiac failure and had to get a heart transplant. Bless her heart she’s been good to me and our dealer was good to us, so we just thought we’d do a drive by just to see. For purchasing of vehicles today…we’re not even getting out of the car. We drive around the used lot and don’t really see anything that stands out.  Just as were making the turn in front of the vultures, our sales guy pops out. I told the hubs to gun it and don’t look at him. He didn’t listen. (I seriously told him not to make eye contact) Thing is our sales guy knows our car…he knows us.

Then it happened, just as he was making eye contact we saw it parked in the front. A Hybrid Sonata. I’m pretty sure there was a light from heaven shining down on it from the dreary sky. The hubs asked What’s that? He responded it’s a Hybrid and it’s everything you hoped it would be (he didn’t really say that). Nope Nope we are leery of the the Hybrid because of the battery. The second that warranty goes out the battery will die and it will be millions of dollars to replace it. Au contraire the sales guys states ( he’s French you know not really) “this is a brand spankin new Hybrid with only 6 miles on it and the warranty on the battery is for a life time.”  Say that again?  A lifetime battery warranty!!

The hubs immediately pulled into a parking spot and our sales guy knew exactly that he had us. He went searching for the keys while we sat in this pretty black Sonata. He came back out and stated that someone was in negotiations for this one and he would be back. I wasn’t keen on black anyway and maybe that was a good sign.

He then pulls up with a gorgeous silver one. We test drove it and it was like a dream.

We decided just for fun to see the numbers. I then told the hubs that we didn’t need to act on this today and the point being we needed to wait a little bit for this craziness to happen. Then I had to say it… besides the last 2 cars I’ve had have been silver. I know this one was beautiful but … Then the hubs says what if they have a blue one? (As in Tardis blue or similar) We figured they wouldn’t have a blue hybrid, and they would surely look for us one but it wouldn’t be today, which would give us time to really think about it. After waiting for what seemed like a sweet forever he comes back and says he has a blue one…powder blue fully loaded.. duo sun roof, back up camera, leather heated seats..and it had 2000 miles on it from a previous rich guy who changed his mind a month in to buying it. Then he said the magic words..we’ll give it to you for the same price as the standard one and all the warranty stuff included.

Suddenly I was signing my name on the dotted lines and driving home in my new Hybrid Sonata.

True it’s not a “SUV” family like vehichle but that’s where the hubby’s truck is the family vehicle. This is Jeanie’s long over due fun to drive work car. It gets 39 miles to the gallon highway.  Oh sweet gas mileage.

The last couple of cars I’ve gotten were for practical hauling children mom’s taxi  purposes. This car fits everyone comfortably. The hubs loves this car, I love this car.  I can’t honestly say I loved my last cars. I didnt really get to pick them they were sorta picked for me, but this one was my pick, close enough to the color I wanted and everything I could possibly imagine having in a car.

Hello Sweetie!


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