Patience Is Not His Virtue

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As we all know my youngest has a little problem with controlling his emotions. My mom and I blame it on his birth…. 

Recently his beloved DS broke due to him dropping it for the 20th time on the floor a mere 24 hours after he had just gotten a new DS game. You can all imagine his angst and you can imagine mine as I’ve had to hear about it non stop for the past 10 plus days. He somehow negotiated with his middle brother (Boy Wonder) to go halvzies on buying a new 3DS because if their gonna get a new one they might as well go for broke. Right? Oh and it really isn’t halvzies but more like 70/50 as big brother will have to foot most of it. Of course. I already sense a pattern coming in this.

We told this boy of ours that he had to bring up his report card grade before we submit to his demands of him buying a new DS..ahem 3DS. He’s worked on it and brought it up. So I ordered the 3DS and a protective cover thank you very much and it was set to delivery for today. The kid was psyched and could not wait to get home from school to get his coveted beloved. 

Unbeknownst to me it was a sign on delivery kind of drop off, in other words the FedEx guy came by and did not drop it off as no one was here. His case however did arrive later in the day when we were home. Needless to say the 3DS did not get delivered as it was a separate order/shipment. Hysterics ensued. Trying to explain to an 8 year old why his precious did not get delivered is one thing, explaining it to MY 8 year old is probably a whole different beast on its own. Of course it was my fault, because why wouldn’t it be? 

Sigh..after finally getting him somewhat calm and explaining that it will be here tomorrow as I was able to sign the little slip and leave it on the door to say it’s ok to leave the DS at the door, I convinced him it would come tomorrow. Then IT happened. IT never fails when I get this child of mine controlled to a certain level of calm (which is next to impossible) my other two sons just have to poke the sleeping giant and chaos breaks loose again. 

The kid was at least proud of his new Nerf DS cover and brought it along on our way to dinner ( because my day was exhausting enough and fixing dinner was at the bottom of my want to do list) his oldest brother decided he needed to see this awesome cover… in the car… in the dark… just because. It was bad enough that he even thought about wanting to see it but he also touched it which was one of the seven deadly sins in itself…then he did the unspeakable and BROKE the cover that was supposed to be all mighty and powerful and protective and it couldn’t even protect itself! Not only did hysterics ensue times two, but tears of sorrow like I’ve never heard from this child erupted. He was literally sobbing. Please do not even feel an ounce of pity for this child, he knows what he’s doing with his menacing ways. There is a method to his madness. I’m pretty sure that small earthquake that felt this side of town was from my youngest having yet another melt down.

Don’t fret, the thing wasn’t actually broken, it connects and disconnects like a hinge kind of thing. I easily put it back together once I was parked and in light. Was I the ultimate hero awesome mom at that moment? Not really as there is no 3DS yet to fill its emptiness. Unfortunately I don’t get off easy on this one and that’s why they pay me the big mom bucks as CEO of WM247 enterprises; expected to solve problems and get little thanks for it. 

I shall report back soonish on the conclusion. All I say is it for sure better come tomorrow or I’m not going home, I’ll just make a nice cozy pallet at work where I can be under appreciated and at least get paid. 😉


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