Moving On….

I had good intentions to start the New Year on the right foot by getting the house picked up and the tree down and just get a lot done. Yeah there went that plan. It’s 2:30 and I’m still hanging out in my pajamas. (Don’t judge me) It didn’t help that my awesome neighbors brought us some broken glass cake. Not that I’m complaining. Have you had broken glass cake? It’s like different kinds of jello in a cake. Yum!

I thought I’d stop in and put that last post under my belt. I’m really going to try to proceed to blog and jot things down that I’ve kind of let slip. It’s amazing how much one forgets certain things that happened until you read old posts.  I actually read back through old posts and then suddenly couldn’t stop.

I’m not saying that I have resolved for the New Year to post every day or take pictures every day but dang it, I’m going to try harder than I did last year. That may mean I post once or twice a week and actually put some meat to it.  I know this is going to shock everyone, but I did actually used to be a decent sorta funny blogger back in the day. I really shouldn’t brag about things like that.

Any who… I have a pretty positive vibe about the coming year. I’m not sure why, just yet. I’ve never really felt this way about a New Year before, so that’s something new. I honestly don’t have a negative fret or feeling at all about anything, even regarding certain things that others think I should be “negative” about. Weird.

I do know for certain that next year on this very day, I should have that shiny degree in hand, so there’s that. I refuse to let anything or anyone get in my way of that.

On that note I’m going to do my best to bring the entertainment or let the entertainment come to me and see what I can make of it for the blog. Oh yes and there will be pictures along the way for sure too.



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