The Thing About The Thing

*Wiping dust and cob webs…cough…cough*

Well then so much for promises of a monthly blogging challenge. I had no real intention of taking a break but let’s all admit it was getting pretty lack of anything substantial around here.

So I realize there is all of one of you out there anxiously awaiting for me to speak on the happenings going on in that place that puts food on my table and gas in my car and maybe my car payment. Yeah that place….

The last 3 months have been kind of just the most craziest challenge that any kind of occupation could bring on to any person. Without going into a long drawn out detail just think about that movie with the stapler guy and his cozy broom closet. Basically we were succumbed to a little bity labor space for 7 or so people. On top of that, training of newbies was involved and a whole gambit of other challenges. They should have just made a reality T.V. show and called it Paycheck Survivor. We did survive and are finally back to “normal” cubicle farm conditions. I’ve never been so happy to have my own little 1/200th of a space on the farm. I promise you the last few weeks of being in the dungeon would have made for Emmy winning reality T.V.

During that time span a lot of changes happened that added to the physical and mental challenges of being in seclusion. There was a “change of positions” X 2 among the uppers, allowing potential opportunities for yours truly. In a way I hate how these things just kind of fall in my lap, but that seems the way it sort of happens. As the opportunity arose for potential “growth” , many expected it should have been handed to me with no question. It didn’t happen that way and deep down, I really felt if they wanted me to have this position (which I do feel I greatly qualified for) they would have done it that way in the first place. Im not complaining…Im just saying.

So I had to apply and interview with the one person who many would have thought would be the “easy ticket” to getting in. Needless to say that was a month ago and the committee was out on their decision until yesterday. I knew the length of time it was taking to decide on who gets the position; meant I didn’t get it. Many felt it was a no brainer and yet I guess it wasn’t and they went with someone else.

My thoughts are this: I already went through my woe is me period a month ago. I knew by then they didn’t want me. Here is the reason, at least Im pretty sure… because I’m pretty good at what I do and if I bump to doing other duties above me they would have to get yet another new person for me to train on top of the additional people we plan to add and have already added. I know it’s complicated but it’s probably on track. This new person I suppose doesn’t need a lot of detailed training on specifically what we do as they will be more focused on doing the other upper stuff. That I think is the touching point, training someone on something I already know the ins and outs on, plus I have other ninja tricks up my sleeve. I would just have to learn a few other take charge kind of skillz that shouldn’t take long. This person will have to learn everything plus be in charge.

The person who made the decision knows that many are upset about this change. The good thing is, we talked at great length about it, which many may or may not realize. This meeting I appreciated greatly. The last time this kind of thing happened (different place different state)  I didn’t get a chance to discuss it and I let it fester like a crazed monster and then went psycho at my review about why..why not me (sob sob-yeah it wasn’t pretty). This person (I feel) is going to take care of me. They are going do their best to keep me happy because hello they can’t lose me right now. We both know this.

Im really not upset. Many others are very upset about this change. I’m pretty sure if I wanted to go all Erin Brocowvitch and rally up some troops for my cause, I would have it in minutes. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside that so many care. On that note, I know that I may not be the “official” upper person, but everyone will still come to me and still see me as their main girl. I also will smile inside when fires start and they look to me to put them out, as I’m sure it will happen.

I  feel that things happen for a reason as it has in the past and history has a way of repeating itself on this kind of thing for me. Maybe those “happen for a reason happenings” has brought me full circle and I’m a big girl now and it doesn’t upset me when I don’t understand why this happened. Chalk that up for life lesson learned.

*if some words were oddly used instead of others, it’s because I am that paranoid person *


One thought on “The Thing About The Thing

  1. Sorry to hear that you didnt get the promotion, though it sounds like you are very much at peace with the situation and all zen and whatnot :O) And so glad you are no longer trapped in a dungeon with a stapler! Hurray for more personal space!

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