Day Book 10 02

Outside My Window: It’s been so lovely out… no complaints

I Am Hearing: Random things that my husband is watching on You Tube

I Am Thinking: I have a few random thoughts on the eve of my birth –
First of all my apologies for the lack there of of any postings I’ve done. It was finals week last week and that usually means I need two weeks to get it all done. Hence the lack of posting the last two weeks.
This past semester was a dream. My portfolio class and package design class, I felt I had it made in the sun. I might be whining and complaining this coming semester as I’ll be back to 3 classes. Art History, Typography (which I can’t wait for) and Earth Science. I’m not a fan of “earth science” but science in general is right up there with Typography so I’m looking forward to that.

Uhm here’s where I chime in on Doctor Who (you can skip this part). I’m such a huge inner nerd has finally broken free and I’m not afraid to admit it. We finished all of the seasons on Netflix but still have the End Of Time Christmas show to watch, which hopefully will explain why the doctor died all of a sudden going into season 5. (Doctor 10 was my doctor..sniff) Netflix didn’t have that part in sequential order. I could seriously start a separate blog or maybe even page on my thoughts and love of Doctor Who. I’d like to thank everyone who inspired me to watch it. I’m also going to admit right now that I started a un-official weekly Doctor Who lunch thing at work. (nerd alert indeed!) I even bravely invited someone I don’t know well just on the hunch that she liked doctor who as well and she was intrigued. I’m sorry again for the ramble on it. The boys love it and it gives them just enough scary to freak them out a little but not enough for it to be gory vulgar scary if that makes sense. They play Doctor Who outside all of the time and yes have found something as a sonic screwdriver. I’m thrilled that a show like that will strike up their imagination.

OK on to something else…

Work has been interesting. We are bursting at the seams and have little to no room to desk people. Our little branch of the department has been unvoluntarily moved to a very small training room in which our computers are on tables (no desks) and for a day or two we only had one phone for a “house” of 6. It’s cozy to say the least. It’s funny that the rest of our department comes down to check on us and feels bad for us. Little do they know that supposedly we are getting gift cards and free lunch in appreciation. This move is only temporary so it’s not like we’re there forever.

Plans For The Week: The hubs has to work late on my birthday, so my mom and I have planned to eat at our little favorite hamburger place in town to celebrate our birthdays. I couldn’t be prouder to share a birthday with her ( or she share with me) than anyone else. Happy Birthday Mom and many many more! She has no idea how much I appreciate her and I really truly don’t tell her enough.

Picture Thoughts: I’ve taken more pictures with my phone in the past few months and it has lead me to the conclusion that I should probably just sell my Nikon and either buy a really decent smart phone with a nice camera in it and or buy a not so hefty camera. As long as it has manual mode and a nice zoom than I can take it from there. I really don’t need a crazy overwhelming camera to do my thing.. if you know what I mean.

We’re having a rough go at soccer when it comes to wins but I blame football season and the lack of participants in soccer. My little roughian has been somewhat of a team captain. He still has his short falls on his coordination of actually applying foot to ball at times but that seems to be the norm for his team. He still loves it despite the loses.


One thought on “Day Book 10 02

  1. I feel like a Doctor Who pimp these days, I’ve been getting a few people interested in the show and everyone that tries it loves it obvy. I’m so proud lol – and yes I agree, Love the 10th Doctor. It took awhile for me to mourn the loss of the 9th Doctor and I would say the 11th Doctor is probably my son’s favorite but Tennant will always hold my heart. :O)

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