Day Book 09-20

Outside My Window: It’s been really nice this September.

I Am Hearing: Farscape – We are the nerdiest of the nerdy family. We are in season 4 of Doctor Who. Im still recovering from Doctor 10 and Rose’s ending. A lovely ending for sure but I really loved Doctor 10. Im still adjusting to the new one, Matt Smith. I’m looking forward to this new story line with River and Amy. If you have no idea what I’m talking about… I’m sorry..Im so so sorry.

I Am Thinking: Im on the verge of burnout at the place of well you know where. I’m at an impasse in a way but yet I want to hang around until I’m vested with my 401K in November. My portfolio class is really gearing us up to seek employment and make us reveal our plans. I don’t want too (yet). The place is gearing up for a big aqcuisiiton
and lots of changes and hiring up a storm. Any who we shall see. If you know someone looking for work in OKC let me know.

I Am Hoping: Meh…

Plans For The Week: Well seeing as how the week is pretty much over…I apologize right now for the lamest post ever. I’ll blame Doctor Who this time and the next and the next.

Picture Thoughts: A few random pics from the phone

The youngest is quite the cell phone photographer. He’s also a mess and the biggest parenting challenge I’ve encountered.


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