Day Book 09/09

Outside My Window: Pleasant and I hope it stays that way the rest of the week.

I Am Hearing: Pay Phone by Maroon 5 -Im trying to tune out the hubs watching Hercules on Netflix. I have some confessions about Netflix. We have overdosed ourselves on Doctor Who and as I posted last night on Facebook, My thoughts are literally British…Im not speaking British yet but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Odd things that are really quite “normal” I think are instantly alien like. I know it’s a sickness. I love David Tennett but as the doctor but he’s been through a lot so far. I’m apprehensive about the next doctor. We shall see, we’re still trucking along in Season 3.

I Am Thinking: Obviously I’m thinking in British but that’s not the point. I have to also say that I’ve been just “skating” along in my classes. It’s actually scary that I’m waiting until literally the last minute to finish everything and my doing great in my classes. I wouldn’t say that it’s not that I’m challenged it’s just I don’t feel near the stress with these two classes as I have with a few classes I’ve had the last few semesters. Can we say Statistics?
The funny thing is I’ll be concerned with an assignment as I sorta would sort of half a** it (lets face fact, last minute work isn’t actually stellar awesome work) and would still ace it no problem. This packaging class is pretty fun and I’ve had to construct actual packaging items for a grade. Anyway..I’m glad we had this little confession about my quirks.
I’m Hoping: For yet another good week, soccer should be starting soonish.

Plans For The Week: I don’t have much going this week that I’m aware of.

Weekend: We didn’t do much but hang out and watch Doctor Who. I did have dinner with my Alter Ego on Friday. M if your reading this well..there you go. M is my co worker who has a degree in interior design and is I would say truly my Alter Ego, she’s the bubbly outgoing one and her name is my name too..atleast her name is my middle name hence why she is my alter ego. Together we are worse than 20 school girls, as we bring out the goofiness and everything else in each other. It’s scary in a someways. The hubs got to meet her and we just sat and laughed and talked for a good while. Fun Times! She now has the blog site, we’ll see if she actually checks it out. I told her I’ve slacked on anything really worth reading lately.

Picture Thoughts: Yes I sorta of took some pictures with my phone. I’m learning to accept the things I cannot change about my phone and just live with it.
Here is my mohawked snaggle toothed kid

Here is my pretty Bella girl. Im not sure why Im drawn to this picture but there it is.


One thought on “Day Book 09/09

  1. I love reading about someone besides me obsessed with Doctor Who. We watched all six seasons on netflix instant in ONE SUMMER. I have definitely been thinking in a british accent also! lol All things come back to Who. I think Matt Smith will grow on you when you get there. He and Tennant both took me some getting used to for sure. Looking back now, I think Tennant is my favorite of the three, but I don’t do well with change in the Whoniverse.

    Love the pics, especially the second one. I think it’s the lighting and soft focus around the edges, very pretty.

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