Of Lice And Men

I missed a Day Book this week and totally blame my phone and that when I snap a few photos on Sunday with my camera and email them to myself; I expect them to be there pretty instant…not say 5 days later! What up Apple!?

Anywho…many of you have heard my drama on Facebook about the lice situation. Let me know reprise you of the full story. The school called me yesterday at work. (Im going to fully admit right now that the school has already called me once this year for a mischievous little boy who doesn’t want to listen in class and so on- so I may have or not let it go to voice mail at first) They wanted to let me the know the middle child (My little Wonder) has an itchy scalp and it looked like shampoo residue but didn’t appear to be lice. So when I get the call again on Friday. They were obviously all about checking his head again and called me first thing in the morning to let me know “He has lice and it’s active” GREAT! Thank the lord my mother is the number one call contact on situations like this and was paged to be the awesome grandma she is to remove her grandchildren from class before the whole school is exposed. The oldest was checked and free and clear. The youngest was also supposedly checked and noted that nothing active but possible nits.
Now I was in full itchy head mode by this point and had a hard struggle to stay at work, as I felt it was going to be a swell 3 day weekend of de licing the house and really wanted to leave. Fridays are never easy days and usually more busy than Mondays so it was hard to leave. My mother wasn’t in “urgent” mode when she called with updates. Since she’s dealt with the awesomeness of lice before with the nightmare I had with it in 5th grade, she was kind of a pro and being a nurse and all gives her full professional authority on lice. There was no lice in either kid. In fact the youngest had a perfectly profound scalp of nothing. I get they want to take precautions because it really is a pain in the a** to deal with. The middle child also doesn’t have it but just an extreme case of shampoo build up. We will “de lice” and shave their heads just to make the school feel better.
Remind me to tell you about my future drama king and the zen master of Sioux chefs ((is that how you spell that?..Like the Indians)


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