Day Book 08/21

Outside My Window: It’s been just perfect weather and it’s amazing because it’s August and it’s normally still in the triple digits.

(Yes I took Pics..aren’t you proud of me?)

I Am Hearing; The 8yr old humming. Did I mention I’m on vacation? I’d love to say Im at some beach somewhere hearing the ocean crashing on the sand and a Pina Colada or some fruity drink in hand, lounging in a beach chair. Instead I’m lounging on my love seat, feet propped on a the coffee table, hearing the crashing sounds of things being shot at on the video games and my youngest humming Maroon 5. That’s so way better than the beach.

I Am Thinking: These boys finally get back to school tomorrow. I feel a little guilty that we didn’t do anything amazingly exciting this summer at least kid wise, but the fair’s coming soon and we’ll have our family fun day at Frontier City soonish so hopefully that will make up for it. I’m sure if they are asked to write about what they did this summer it will entail video games, taking over grandpa’s T.V., trips to the library, and trips to multiple doctors appointments with the grandparents. Fun times, memories they’ll have forever. 🙂

I Am Hoping: My dearest husband takes me for sushi tomorrow for my last day off while the children are at school.

Plans For The Week: To get the kids settled for school. To obtain the Hunger Games DVD, eat some sushi, and back to the grind of work. Exciting stuff.

The Weekend: We celebrated the hubby’s birthday by getting a new mattress and eating BBQ. Not to shabby. I took the kids to the park which was somewhat of a mistake as they were like banshees who had never seen the light of day of outside. They fought and fought and with much gnashing of teeth and a few pics in between, we left after all of 20 minutes and resigned to getting sno cones. Which always makes everything all right.

Picture Thoughts: A few more… I didn’t take that many since there was much gnashing of teeth in between


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