Day Book 08/16

Outside My Window: We had a few showers but not nothing crazy.. and yes Im alive and kickin for some reason this week just got away from me.

I Am Hearing: The hubs watching a show on his ‘puter

I Am Thinking: It’s been an interesting week I suppose. Monday I finally got to sub in for my boss for her Bunco group. It looks like I will be a sub in next month too. Fun Fun times, I needed a girls night out even on a Monday. I Bunco’d to top it off.

Tuesday: I got a promotion. I know! It was a long time coming and yes I admit I was somewhat expecting it after the dedication and hard work I have put in the last few months. Sadly, just because my title changed did not mean I am getting paid the big bucks. As the hubs stated “so instead of a penny raise you got a few nickels” I’ll just leave it at that.

I Am Hoping: I can get my house somewhat cleaned up and some homework done as my MIL is coming to town this weekend for my hubby’s birthday.

Plans For The Rest of The Week: I’m going to shoot for a half day tomorrow depending on how busy it is. Fridays are always the busiest day. Plus I have to get the youngest to his meet the teacher night. Next week is going to be interesting as well. Im taking Monday and Tuesday off just because. School starts Tuesday so there’s that.

Don’t Even Ask About Pictures. Maybe this weekend for the birthday boy.


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