Day Book 8.07

Outside My Window: We’ve had a somewhat of a cool down and by that I mean it wasn’t a blistering 110 but only a hundred. The night air is even quite pleasant and non stifling. It’s been a roller coaster of stress with the fires everywhere but we’re good.

I Am Hearing: Pre season football being blasted from the computer. We still don’t have cable so haven’t gotten to watch any Olympic coverage. I know it’s a shame. I think I’ve convinced the hubs we need cable back for football of course 😉

I Am Thinking: Im back into swing of classes and am really looking forward to my Portfolio/Businesses practices class and Product Design Packaging. Fun Stuff! The Portfolio class is really going to be helpful. I’m still reeling that I’m into the last year and need to really amp my brain that Im really going to be doing a full mind shift of doing this and not “my comfort zone zone” job. I admit Im a little skeered.

I Am Hoping: To get my car back soonish. I really thought I’d have an update by Friday but nothing. Im also hoping for cooler temps. A girl can hope.

Random Thoughts: I think I finally have 50 Shades out of my system. I finished the second book (again) and I’m good now until of course the movie. The 3rd Book is great but the first two are best just so you know. We can all rest assured that Jeanie will not speak it’s name again atleast for awhile.

Plans For The Week: Soccer camp starts this week and I’m so grateful again that the youngest decided on soccer this fall. The poor football boys have started practice and in this dreadful heat it’s gotta be worse than the last two seasons combined. I admit I smiled in relief as I drove by.

Picture Thoughts: Yes I took a pic or two nothing crazy amazing (I know) I must pause now for a moment of silence for my beloved Sony. I think she has finally gone to that amazing photography studio in the sky. She was holding on by a thread when I somehow broke the battery lid. The battery held precariously by a small plastic place holder and that now no longer keeps the battery in place enough to keep it powered. 😦 It’s really tricky to hold the battery tightly enough to power and shoot a picture. I now must reaquaint with the Nikon, and although she takes great pictures she’s very persnickety and you have to hold your tongue just right. It’s ok I need to put my big girl pants on and really learn and understand her ways better. I’m a professional after all.
Ok I lied, Im just not ready to go public again with the photos …gah


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