Day Book 7/31

Outside My Window: We’ve hit record high heat like in the history of the state. One would think that once it hits past 105 that it really feels all the same but there really is a big difference of 105 and 108. It’s supposed to be possibly 110 for reals tomorrow. Hold Me.

I Am Hearing: Some shooting and “let me get the killing blow” I know I should hang my head in shame. Boys and their toys

I Am Thinking: That Im SOOO glad the youngest decided soccer is more for him than football. We drove past the football practice field and low and behold there they were. I will not miss sitting and sweating for 3 hours for anything.

I Am Hoping: My car gets done soon. Im greatful for the little loaner except the fact that it’s black and in this heat it just really is insane. Plus I miss Tutti and I hope she gets well soon.

Plans For The Week: Well my classes start back up tomorrow. woot. I haven’t even ordered my books. Im thinking to take it the lazy way and wait the first week to see if they’re really going to be necessary. Knowing my luck..well you know.

I made the executive decision to not do much OT this week. Im sure I’ll miss the paycheck but my sanity needs a break.

I Hate To Admit This: Im “reading” the Shades of Grey series again. I have never in my life re read a series of books literally back to back over again. Im sorry I felt I had to share this. But since Im confessing I will state that Im enjoying it just as much the second time around. Im not near as stressed during the “stressful” parts and am “examining” it a little better. Im also slightly obsessing over who could be Mr Grey in the movie and Im also looking forward to what the sound track would be like. I know..Im probably the lamest person ever. I don’t recall any books having this kind of effect on me…including Twilight. Please forgive me and I promise this will be the last I mention it. (Im already halfway through book two). Thank goodness for audio books that allow me to multi task. And thank goodness for friends who let me borrow them.

Picture Thoughts: Yeah..I did a photo shoot of myself cause Im lame like that. I still need to edit them, which I’ll get to eventually.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 7/31

    • It probably doesn’t help that my posts are literally making you “have” to read them. I’ll be here for moral support if you decide to jump on the bandwagon. It may also really be best if you go in not really knowing the plot and have an open mind. 😉

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