You Take The Good, You Take The Bad, You Take The Day Off

How about a random post for a change?

Im finally in between semesters again and when it’s all said and done I’m never sure what to do with myself when I don’t have some “major project” to keep me pre occupied. Though I admit the last couple of weeks I was not completely head focused on school but a certain book series that includes a rich gazillionaire and his interesting psychological issues and his Anna. I will admit it is my new ultimate new favorite guilty pleasure book series. I’m really really looking forward to the movie more so than the last Twilight movie. (probably partly because I haven’t even seen the first part of Breaking Dawn) –Glad I got that off my chest. Can you tell I’m kind of having with drawls?

So I took a unexpected day off and due to my car woes. Lets just say I just bought this car last year and the transmission is gone Dave, it’s really gone. Im so so glad I wasn’t on the highway to work but was only less than a mile to my parents house. Im also really glad that it actually made it to my parents house. Yeah cause once it stopped that was it. No forward No back just like that. No way to even put it in nuetral for the tow truck guy. The original plan was for my knight in shining armor to rescue me and take me on to work which we got half way there and decided my warranty should cover the loaner car and headed to the dealership for the loaner and I then made the executive decision to just go on home and chill with my boys. So glad I did. I had honestly considered calling in a “mental health” day this week so the car issue was a small blessing in disguise. I really needed just a day to chill.
The work load has still not eased up and we’ve had some bumps in the road that have made the training of one of the newbies slow and she’s decided it’s not going to work out and is leaving next week. Sigh. We’ll be ok I suppose. We’ve already got some good prospects that have applied and already have background in what we do, that will help a lot.

July is a bout over and honestly I don’t think I’ve picked up the camera once. I promise Im going to make up for it the rest of my semester off. Which is a week..woot. So yeah let me get right on that.
I think that sums up my week.


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