Day Book 7/15

Outside My Window: A freshly cut lawn.

I Am Hearing: The buzz of the fan and that’s about it.

I Am Hoping: To get my hair cut/colored this week. It’s waaay over due.

I Am Thinking: I have alot of discombobulated thoughts. Please brace yourself for impact.

-I jumped on the 50 Shades of Grey bandwagon and literally stayed up all night Saturday to finish it and when I say all night I mean All Night. It was an audio so I was in bed, lights out snuggled with the Kindle. I figured one of two things would happen; I would fall asleep with it on or the kindle battery would die. Neither happened.
Im going to say this much, if you are familiar with it- yes it’s a little on the “detailed” side but no more than the normal trashy romance. The thing is, it is not trashy. (in my humble opinion) There is ALOT of deep psychological stuff going on. With that said, it parallels Twilight almost to a tee but with out vampires and werewolves but normal people and strongly targeted for adults. I would go through all the parallels but that’s it’s own post. Yes I may do it once I finish the whole set.
I will also say this is a trilogy in case you didn’t know. I know! I will say that I haven’t been this “into” a book emotionally in a really long time. I wasn’t even this way with Twilight except for throwing the book in rage in Breaking Dawn. I finished this morning with a broken heart and now I have to chill for a day or two to start the next. (I know it’s bad) I had no clue what I was getting into except one small detail and that’s all I knew. It’s so much more than that!
ahem moving on….

Remind me I have a post about worms to do as well. Can you tell I really want to get back in the saddle of blogging more than once a week and oh I don’t know actually take pictures with my camera.

Plans For The Week: $1.00 says you can guess my plans for the week. Bingo! Your good.

The Weekend: Obviously it was a fairly busy weekend for me especially, I worked, I had a girls day out afterward and had such a ball just being a silly girl in a movie theater getting a good laugh at silly pretty boys dancing sorta naked and being with good company. It was good for my soul. I did homework too!

Picture Thoughts: I know your disappointed. I am too.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 7/15

    • It really is a good plot worthy story and not just a bunch of smut and is very smartly written, I think you’ll enjoy it and yes it has it’s “steamy moments”. 🙂 EL James is British and somehow that makes it more acceptable to me.

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