Day Book 7/8

Outside My Window: We were hoping for some rain but it looked like it passed us. We’re still in store for cooler weather this week. I hope.

I Am Hearing: Marvel vs Capcom? In other words the comic book characters fighting each other. In other other words a video game.

I Am Thinking: Im hanging in there with the work thing. Friday about did me in being the only “experienced/most knowledgeable” in the group. I was “babysitting” newbies and explaining questionable situations with the boss and so forth. I’ve come a long ways baby with just doing this for a year and half. This is the first job ever where my boss literally has next to no idea how our little part of the process works. Though to give her credit she manages a large group of people that does a wide variety of things. So yeah…

I Am Hoping: For a smooth finish to another semester and that I will get my hair done this coming weekend. Im ready to get rid of this shag that’s going on right now.

The Weekend: I actually went somewhere other than work home and the grocery store.. I went to a work friends cookout. It was hot but the kids got to bounce around the bounce house and the trampoline after what took a sweet forever for them to get accustomed to their surroundings. Oh I also was nose deep in homework preparing rough drafts for the Gap and the Aquarium. Im a little over seeing the same images for the past 7 weeks.
Let me guess you want to check out all my hard work (of course you do…)

Plans For The Week: Just keep swimming.. just keep swimming… it will be another round of overtime and more overtime by the weekend with a dash of homework.

Picture Thoughts: Yeah I completely feel like I have given up ship on picture taking. I didn’t even take any for the 4th which is a first for me. 😦 I just really have no mo jo to do anything other than what needs to be done and that basically is just work and homework. It’s a wonder Im completely functional at all.
Another homework show and tell?
This one is ok..I still have a few kinks to work out.
(Just for the record these sites of mine have no doings whatsoever with the Gap or the Aquarium, it is all sort of made up advertising/marketing that we had to do for projects; in case you thought I was actually doing real life websites for either)


One thought on “Day Book 7/8

  1. I’ve been mostly just skirting by with pictures lately with a few moments of inspiration. Vacation helped because there was a lot of new and exciting around but other days it was just “here’s a pot of coffee” etc. Love the website mock ups. Fun times 🙂

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