Day Book 7/2

Outside My Window: A hot mess of hot, in other words just another typical summer in Oklahoma

I Am Hearing: Lego Star Wars

I Am Thinking: I enjoyed my little day off. I had plans to take the boys to do something but even going to the zoo early sounded way to much like an invite for heat stroke. Instead I just chilled at home and sorta kinda cleaned even though it’s already a mess a again and I didn’t really finish. Oh well.

I Am Hoping: For a good week. I will be “in charge” by myself on Thursday and Friday of 3 newbies plus doing my normal 4 man person work load. Should be a hoot!.

Weekend: I did something crazy and left work early simply because I was already at 39 hours when I came back from lunch. I had a nice girls only shopping trip and splurged a tiny bit on myself and got a massage. I don’t get many of these little spurts so I certainly enjoyed it while it lasted.

On Another Note: I may or may not have ever mentioned that my darling loving hubby goes through these midlife crises kind of spurts. Last year it was the garden which yeah didn’t work out quite so well. This year he is gung ho about his worm business. Yes worms. Apparently there is a major shortage of mill worms and other worms and he thinks he is the main to save it. Needless to say the madness of buying the stuff needed for the worms has commenced. I will say that as annoying as it’s been this one may actually pull off. He’s done a lot of leg work in talking to green houses about getting their veggies they can’t sell and to PetSmart as they have a hard time keeping a certain type of mill worms for lizards and birds in stock. The worms are being shipped today (hold me) and he’s got their containers all lined and ready and the “sludge” is in my fridge cause that’s how we roll. I will be designing his website and business card so lucky him.

Plans For The Week: We’re planning to hit the Fireworks tomorrow night since I work Thursday and this way I can be up late and then still sleep in. That is the plan anyway.
Im also in the home stretch of school 2 or so more weeks. This semester went pretty smoothly and no gnashing of teeth besides my Photoshop class but what can you do? I’m not sure yet what is in store for next semester but Im looking forward to it.

Picture Thoughts: Yeah… I have a few words to say about the IPhone3 camera. Huge disappointment. I figured by I3 that it would be a pretty good camera. Right? Nope. There is not even a flash on this sad is that? No zoom or anything. I know it’s an older phone for Apple but seriously? Obviously the camera wasn’t the most important part of the whole phone thing. I really thought that some magical spell would come over me and I would love this phone like no other. does what I need it to do I guess. I really wonder what the huge hype was for people to camp out and stand in long lines for a cell phone were all about? Off my soap box. I am happy to have a working functional phone so there is that.


One thought on “Day Book 7/2

  1. Sorry to hear about the new phone – I would be disappointed, too. And a worm business? That sounds…. fun lol. Your hubby reminds me of my dad, he’s often embarking on fun new “projects” like that.

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