Day Book 6.25

Outside My Window: Is a Bird house full of 3 baby blue birds. So cute but I’ve tried to get a a good picture but I don’t want to be all up in the bird house as the momma and daddy bird are always nearby. I’ll keep trying though.

I Am Hearing: Big Bang Theory we took a little hiatus but are back to watching it again.

I Am Thinking: It’s been one of those Mondays, though I can’t complain. Interestingly enough, there is construction going on at the main building of our company down the road; some how somebody cut the powerline and the generator line which knocked out their power and all of the entire network through out the whole company…which is no bueno. Needless to say over half the day was wasted for us and yet they still were optimistic it would be back up soon. Can we say extra long lunch?

Bonus: My boss gave me and the team lead a Thank You card with $50 worth of massages at our favorite little massage place at the mall. Love it! It’s a little kiosk in the chair but you can have flavor scented oxygen during your rub and I will say that it does give one a nice boost. So nice to be appreciated!

I Am Hoping: For a pretty decent week. Im off this next Monday and am trying to convince myself to actually enjoy my 3 day weekend instead of deciding to go into work. We’ll see. Is it sad that I feel guilty if Im not working?

Plans For The Week: I have nothing but more work with a side of work, throw in some homework and I am a good time just waiting to happen.

On Another Note: (You like how I just throw in my own random taglines?) We have taken the plunge to go with a new cell carrier which will allow us to have an IPhone. Mind you it’s the 3G which is older but it is our first actual Apple Product. I know your shocked how have I lived in the 21st century this long with out some kind of Apple product? Well we have. We own MP3 players for our music, always have been PC users, and had Droids for our phone. So yeah this a big leap. Im a little excited but on the same weird side I feel like we now have succumbed to the power that is Apple and we are now part of their little minion force. I know I’m weird. I have nothing against Apple, I’ve just gone ok through life with out one. We’ll see how it goes. Im really looking forward to testing out the camera and all the apps I can’t get with Droid.

Picture Thoughts: Mmm.. should I attempt to show you some of my homework? You promise not to laugh?

This one is my ad campaign for Gap (you know because they are dying for me to refocus their target audience to the baby boomers and it was my brilliant idea to let them know they needed a refocus..Im a very busy marketing girl so have your people call my people.=)

This is from my photoshop class, which I’ve already mentioned my issues on. We did have one assignment on vector vs raster which of course there was no real lesson but just do it. I just love being self taught.

You may remember this one…

There was no way I was going to finish it. The time I has none.


One thought on “Day Book 6.25

  1. I’ll be interested to hear how you like your new phone compared to the Android phones. I just got a new phone also (Android) and I’m pretty smitten with it. Our cell phone provider doesn’t carry Apple (yet?) but they make up for it by having service where we live AND not being gigantic jerk wads. :O)

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