Day Book 6.17

Outside My Window: It’s getting dusky

I Am Hearing: One boy singing and the typical background noises that make up the household.

I Am Thinking: Im just kind of blah..not really sure why. Im sure part of it is the hours Im putting in at work and then I have to come home and try to be inspired for homework but one can only be so inpsired for a limited amount of assignments. Yeah…

I Am Hoping: Not sure.. Im just kind of going with the flow living one day at a time.

Yeah Im a fun barrel of monkies.

We had a laid back father’s day of BBQ and took the hubs for his crab legs on Saturday and that is the extinct of my weekend, including work and homework.

(here ya go mom)

Plans For The Week: I have really nothing substational for the week. Just put a big L on my forehead and call me Lame

Picture Thought: She looks like she’s trying to tell me something very important…

What is it girl? Did Timmy fall in the well again? Is there something stuck between my teeth?

Remind me next time to tell you about our fourth pet…I keep forgetting about the poor little guy.


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