Random Thoughts…

Im putting off homework again… I really have no excuse because the classes this semester are right up my alley and Im enjoying them. My brain has just been a little frazzeled.
The hubs and I have been working crazy hours and pretty much passing like two ships in the night. I feel like I basically come home just to sleep and pretend to eat and that is about it. Thanks to my mother for “running the ship” for the most part or nothing would get done.

I may have mentioned that the workplace was down to originally a team of 4 down to 2 with 2 newbies which pretty much just equals a team of 2. As of Friday that team of 2 has now been shortened to a team of 1 and half (the newbies being the half). That team of 1 would be me. It kind of came suddenly but not unexpectedly. My partner in crime at work found a place that will pay her what she’s worth and room to grow. Im ecstatic for her but freaking out a little as well. Of course Im not really completely doing it all alone. My team lead is awesome and even though she has her own full plate is doing what she can and training the newbies plus whoever else can pitch in (be trained on what to do and actually do it-which is the tricky part) when they can.
Im hoping the big guys upstairs will understand that our small little team is vital to the overall picture in our department and do something about it.

Now that Ive rambled relentlessly on work how ’bout a picture?

My mother was curious why I was on top of the house when she left Friday… Cause I get shots like that. 😉
Back to the grind..


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