Birthday Interview : The Boss

It’s funny how the other two had the their interview and everything was pretty much the same. Not so much for the 8 year old. His answers from last year were pretty entertaining like his favorite animal was a camel because he was being his usual smarty pants self. Then the question about what was the best part of being 6?..being a camel.

(I have to mention… the boys experienced the ice cream truck for the first time in their life. Perfect birthday treat since he didn’t get cake on his birthday and had to endure a family reunion on his birthday with people he didn’t know)

Here is this years answers.

Name: Bossy Boy
Age: 8

Favorite Color:  Black
Favorite Subject in school: Social Studies

What do you want to be when you grow up? Military

Book of all time? Diary of a Wimpy Kid
If you could be any animal what would it be? Horse Why? Can run fast

Best memory of being 7: Going to Frontier City

Worst memory of being : Teacher Issues (he’s really looking forward to being at a “new bigger school” just next door..hopefully he has a better year)
Favorite T.V. show: Looney Tunes
Favorite Movie: Avengers
Favorite Sports Team: Jaguars
Favorite Athlete: I like big butts and I cannot lie.. in other words he’s not sure (he’ll regret seeing this next year.)
Favorite Movie Star: Hans Salo (I tried to explain…but he wouldn’t hear it)
Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Favorite Place To Eat: Taco Arbys..just name it that. I can say that cause it’s my birthday ( his request:leave this one from last years)
Favorite Place To Go: Science Museum
Favorite Place To Go Online: Addicting


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