Day Book 5/27

Outside My Window: It’s been a very warm weekend. Im contemplating taking the boys to the splash park Monday.

I Am Hearing: The boys doing their thing.

I Am Thinking: We’ve kept a pretty low key weekend and will probably keep it that way. We’re exciting like that

I’ve put in close to 92 hours in the last 2 weeks so Im good with a little bit of not doing much.

(trying to figure out why wordpress is doing this post in double space…)

My classes have gotten off to a good start. We’re already assigned a group project in the first week which we all know how I feel about group projects for the advertising concepts class. I will say this is a over zealous group which is hopeful but a little bit overwhelming. They want to get everything done like yesterday and organize conference calls and that whole shebang. Anywho we are taking on The Gap and refocusing their target audience to the Baby Generation. Yours truly came up with the campaign idea, we were assigned the company. (wow Im really rambling) Any who should be interesting.

I Am Hoping: for a nice little chunk of change for my overtime. -it wont be huge but every bit helps. Im pretty sure I mentioned that my little work team is primarily a team of 2 plus 2 newbies which makes for busy busy and busy.

Plans For The Week: Enjoy one more day off, and look forward to my baby’s 8th birthday next weekend. We’re planning to head to Tulsa to have his little party.

Picture Thoughts: Yeah the camera hasn’t been touched this bad. Let me dig one or two. Did I ever show pics of the Thunder Game? Unfortunately we got a bit of a bad rap in the last game. Terrible that someone has to go crazy and shoot innocent people (outside where people can watch the game). Luckily no one was killed. Anywho it hasn’t dampened our spirit and we are in Round 3 Game 1 of the Spurs -Thunder Up!

One more for good measure…


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