Day Book 5/20

Outside My Window: It rained today…just sayin. Also there is a fallen tree in my back yard. Well, purposely fallen, it was dead and needed to come down.

I Am Hearing: The dog eating (this is about as exciting as it gets this time of night.)

I Am Hoping; Not much to really hope for at the moment. Im good. It’s the last few days of school and then we change up the routine a bit. It’s a new semester start for me on the other hand.

I Am Thinking: Im looking forward to this semester. Looks like we have Advanced Photoshop and a Advertising Strategies kind of class. Nothing to do with silly stuff that is really hard and unnecessary like that one class. I think I passed actually (though Im too chicken to recheck my grade after the final…still think I passed barely but surely) Im honestly not trying to be a hero and be the honor student. As long as the classes that matter have good grades, than the stupid stuff is just that- stupid and my job worthiness should not depend on it. Just saying…

Plans For The Week: Well I kind of already mentioned the major stuff. This month has completely flown by and already it’s Memorial weekend approaching. We have no major plans as usual.

Weekend: The youngest finished up his soccer season on Saturday, and I worked today because I could and should. That’s the epitome of the weekend. I always have high hopes of taking my mid semester breaks for cleaning the house and somehow it never really happens. I’ve enjoyed my mini summer break.

Picture Thoughts: I didn’t take any pics this week. Here were a few from trip to Stillwater with my phone and Instagram. I have a love hate relationship with Instagram. I think I mentioned this before.


This is the “big enchalada’s” stadium. Where they do Bocce for SP Olympics…it’s also where the OSU Cowboys play football. In case you care. 🙂

Here is the golfer. He really could care less about golf, he was more interested in hanging with the ladies and entertaining everyone.


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