Day Book 5/13

Outside My Window: The day really came through compared to the dreariness of yesterday.

I Am Hearing: Mario Kart, and Some shooting on another computer game. A typical Sunday afternoon.

The Weekend: I headed to Stillwater for the Special Olympics on Thursday- It was really a perfect day for hanging outside and watching a little gold and bocche. Pics eventually..they were on my phone. I guess I need to get  Google plus app for my phone so it will instantly upload to there plus facebook. Can’t keep all your pics in one basket ya know.

Friday I would love to say I stayed home and cleaned house all day with no kids under foot but instead I did 2 of my heavy duty finals. It literally took my all day. Im glad to say that’s over. We shall now wait and see if Stats is indeed completely over.

I had a lovely Sunday of eating too much food and getting my photo shoot at the town caboose. There were people that were actually honking at us driving by. This means one of two things: they knew us and were saying “hey” or just thinking they werre funny to honk. Whatever..the day in the life of a wanna be photographer.

Love it when I get the crop just right. I have issues with that btw…

I am Hoping: I’m sure you know what Im hoping-that statistics was just a bad dream and I shall never have to speak its name again.

I Am Thinking: The next few months will be crazy. There are 3 of us right now in my little section of my department, one girl has been at my company for 15 years this week. She turned in her notice on Wednesday for a much better paying doing kinda the same thing job. This means the two of us will be doing the work of 4 until we get the new girl settled in (which takes 6 months to get fully trained and comfortable) and the boss hires another person. Needless to say we will have unlimited over time for the next forever and will be busy to our eyeballs. *whispers* I was actually in the process of sending out my resume for something more focused on my degree*whispers* Looks like I’ll be sticking around for awhile. Things happen for a reason.

Plans For The Week: The 16 is our 14th wedding anniverrsary…that’s all I have to say about that. I feel old and can’t believe it.

Picture Thoughts: Well I have a plethora more but I’ll spare you.


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