Day Book 5-7

Outside My Window: Is a big white shiny brand new hybrid truck. Yeah about that….more on this soon.

I Am Hearing: The hubs swooning about this truck.

I Am Thinking: Im already mentally exhausted and it’s only Monday. It’s going to a long interesting week. Did I mention its finals week? Did I also mention I’m still hanging in there for Statistics? Most probably would have dropped the class at my rate. Sigh. Is it sad that Im crossing my fingers for a D and will be stoked if I get a D? D is passing. D means I don’t have to take statistics ever again for the rest of my life. You needs to know that will be too soon.

I Am Hoping: That this certain “deal” that’s going to go through does go through. It’s honestly something that we probably can’t pass up.

Plans For The Week: This week is Special Olympics. We hadn’t originally planned to go for the middle kid as we weren’t sure of his schedule. It usually is early and requires basically spending the night. Anywho since his golf skills time is feasible, we’ve decided to head down early Thursday and spend the day and hit Eskimo Joes for dinner. I need a day off and two will be even better- 4 day weekend. Let’s not mention that most of it will be spent doing finals.

Picture Thoughts: I did a mini shoot of the puppy. She is crazy cute.

Yes she thinks she’s a cat.


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