Day Book May Day

Outside The Window: It’s finally cleared up a bit after a few days of random storms. Oh and these little pretties have literally swarmed this lovely smelling flowering thingy.

I Am Hearing: Not much it’s really late, yet it’s the sacrifice I make for my half a dozen fans.

I Am Thinking: Im on the downward spiral of the semester. Im not going to say that I kicked statitics to the curb, cause really it kicked me but I am glad it will be over soon. I would also like to say that statistics was meant to be a real classroom setting kind of class not for online use. If I “have” to take the class again I might look into seeing if I can do it a brick and mortor school or something else for math credit.

I am hoping: I Dont have to take that class again. The world would be a better place if I didn’t. The sad thing is I have thought about statistics type problems in my head that didn’t relate to class and that scares me because I have no use for such nonsense in brain. 😛

Plans For The Week: Finishing some school stuff (as always) and there’s plans to see the Avengers opening night. Im not overly excited but that’s the sacrifice Im willing to make for mom is always vetoed crowd. I really should show you my latest “project” I think it’s one of my better design pieces yet. We shall see.

(If Im sounding kind of loopy… I am)

How ’bout another butter pic?

Can I just say that my heart swoons a little when my good ol faithful Sony pulls through for me. Don’t get me wrong the Nikon is good but the Sony knows what I want and when I want it…yes it’s all in manual mode.

Last but not least: The wild onions got their share of love too

P.S To my blogging buddies that upload pics and post are you using google plus or flickr or something else? Im not sure Im a fan of using Google plus with wordpress, it’s just not very user friendly. Your thoughts?



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