Daybook 4/23

Outside My Window: I love that the days are longer but on the other hand I get a little freaked out that  it’s already 8:pm and I still have a lot to do.

I Am Hearing: The sound of dinner cooking. The hubs is cooking! Yes I know it’s eight o clock and we haven’t eaten dinner, that’s the norm around here with extracircular activities.

I Am Thinking: My last post didn’t post. It probably was for the best. If you missed it, I was completely wrong about my graduation date. The “un official” transcript only had thru the next semester not per say thru graduation. I don’t graduate until August of next year. I was a little down about it but in the end I wasn’t “ready” mentally to be a graduate yet. I feel like I don’t know near half of what I need to. So I actually feel a little reassured, though July would have been so nice.

I can’t believe the month is pretty much over. It’s been chock full of busy that’s for sure.

The past weekend we sorta inherited something. The hubs found the cutest little dauschaund near his work. She had a collar and he tried feverishly to find the owner and we posted on Craigslist that we found a dog near his work. We didn’t mention the specific type as some people may claim her as theirs and it not be theirs. Then they would probably try to sell her or something so…  We’re not usually “little dog” people but the hubs has always had weinie dogs as a kid and she is really cute. We tried to not get too attached but she just claimed herself as home. I always thought this kind of dog was skittish and didn’t get along well with others but she seems to be keeping her own. Plus she’s still a puppy so that probably helps…a spoiled puppy at that.

Plans For the Week: Looks like I have a researh paper in Lit due. Other than that this will be the first weekend in about a month that we don’t have anything major going on other than soccer.
I also hope to trick my children into doing an impromptu photo shoot after the next soccer practice at the caboose in town. We’ll see how that goes.


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