Birthday Interview/Day Book 4/16

Today is my Wonder Boy’s Birthday. This is where I normally add cute baby pictures but Im too lazy tonight. Poor kid always gets the short end of the stick. He’s used to it..he’s the middle child. I think he had a fantastic weekend so yeah we totally made it up to him after all these years of oversights (that sounded really bad, we’re not that bad)

We did the interview and then somehow I deleted it so yeah..go figure. Most of his answers were pretty much to a tee as last years. So Im going to try to pull this straight from my head cause Im feeling really lazy.

BTW: We had some storms through these parts over the weekend (even typing this out the voice in my head sounded like a hick..just sayin) No damage here, some not so lucky, we are Okies we are used to it.

Color- Purple “cause it’s the color of my light saber”

Favorite Subject “Reading”

Favorite Food “Cheese quesidillas and pizza (I think he said pizza…)

Favorite TV Show: Animaniacs (we have season 1 ) and AFV and Big Bang Theory

Favorite Movie: Lord of The Rings (I may have mentioned on facebook that I had to endure the entire trilogy last week during the sick day. That’s a lot of elve and wizard watching to endure.) and The Muppet Movie (I strongly suggest the new Muppet Movie it didn’t disappoint..wondering if I can talk the birthday boy into buying it with his birthday money..just a thought)

Favorite Actor: I may have forgotten to ask The usual suspects of the kid movies Steve Carrall, Jack Black all those guys…
Sports Team: Rams and the OKC Thunder

Sports Person: Rumble the Bison (the mascot of the Thunder)

Favorite Restaurant: Mc Donalds

Favorite Place to Go : The Mall (we headed to the mall during birthday weekend to let the kids pick what they wanted to eat, and let mom and dad pick too, we never go to the mall so it was a special treat)

The kid had a great birthday. We were a little fearful of no shows. Can I just say that it really means a lot when someone RSVPs just to get the reassurance that someone is or is not coming. In their defense he invited 3 friends (mind you their all “special”) His very best friend showed up late, supposedly his mom and dad didn’t realize he got an invite until the day of. The other friend showed up today at my house didn’t get an invite cause he’s being home schooled (it was just random conicindence they stopped by today)  Any who I got on a rant? Oh yes the party was great thanks to big brothers friend and his sister who Wonderboy knows and thankfully the late arrival. I didn’t do anything major but a pinata (thanks mom for that) I really didn’t have to the kids entertained themselves with the XBox which was my initial thought.

Plan For The Week: Not much, the kids have another snow day Friday which means a trip to the dentist. I really hate to take the full day off as I’ve taken a day off once every week this April but guess will have  to. The youngest has a trip to the science museum which he’s stoked about.

PS in case you missed my crazy announcement. I unexpectedly will be graduating in JULY instead of December. Which Im completely floored about. I seriously have 2 classes left after this semester and as long as Stats hangs in there. My brain is still trying to wrap it’s self around that thought. Im a little freaked out about it. I thought I had “more time” but I don’t. Atleast it’s a little different than a “kid” about to graduate and go out into the cold world to find a job. I just now have to find something that will pay me do what I enjoy doing at a decent entry level rate. I admit Im a little skeered. More on my crazy self reflection later.

Last but not least:


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