About Today…

Well today was a craptastic day. If you followed my woes on facebook you probably would agree.

Let me just sum it up for you in 3 facebook quotes.

“Nothing like starting Monday off by chasing down the kids bus in the next neighborhood to a get on the bus and then getting to work and forgetting your purse.”

“My oldest refuses to stay home tomorrow evn though he’s sick. He thinks the teachers will be mad for missing testing #hasntmissedaday”

“This day can suck my big toe…the battery died on the car at soccer practice…thankfully after much teeth gnashing it started”


I figured out that this day was not so great because I needed to be reminded that pretty much about this time 12 years ago, I also had a not so great day. A week later my bouncing 2 lb baby boy came along.  So there’s that.

My weekend was pretty busy. After a much anticipated long wait by the boys we finally broke down and got their precious X Box 360 with Kinnect. Luckily Toys R Us had a decent sale on games and system so even though I felt we spent a small fortune, I have to say Im more impressed than expected. First off it’s voice activated (with Kinnect) so it doesn’t need the controller in that sense. It’s still a bit tricky to control with your body. I haven’t actually played it yet but there ya go. We got all Kinnect games and it does seem to give a little workout despite what the experts say that it doesn’t.

Yesterday was a great day (despite the bleary weather and despite that due to a miscommunication about  transportation the candy/prize filled eggs got left behind) it was good. The boys hunted with what eggs grandma had and it was all good in the end. We’ll hunt again in the house when a boy or two is feeling better. Sigh as I think the 2nd one is not feeling either.

I forgot to mention my fantastic time at the Thunder game. Yes I took my share of pics at it. I’ll spare you on those for now.

Time for a plethora of pics

That’ll do for now…


One thought on “About Today…

  1. Sounds like we both had a case of the Bad Days yesterday. And guess what? My kid’s sick, too! and for added fun, so am I. Hurray. I was so pumped because yesterday was the last day of Spring Break but now he’s home sick. :O/

    Love the pics, especially that first shot – it’s a WOW pic!

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