Day Book; It’s April Fool

(I know 2 posts in a row!)

Outside My Window: Another lovely spring day. Look who hung out in the back yard this afternoon…

I Am Hearing: A 7yr old telling me “in just a few seconds” for bedtime excuses.

I Am Thinking: It was a busy weekend but the best thing is homework was done by 7 despite all of the birthday activities this weekend. Woot!

I Am Hoping: A boy of mine gets to bed soon or he’ll be a grump in the morning.

Weekend Windup: I mentioned on Facebook that the workplace recognized my hard work and dedication by giving me tickets to a Thunder game. The company itself is half owners of the Thunder (the NBA basketball team) and give out a set of tickets to the management of each department to  give to a “deserving” employee. I was quite shocked for the honor. I had at first intended on taking the birthday boy but we felt it more fair for the hubs and I to go as a date. I would have had the hubs take him but it’s kind of expected for the employee of the tickets to go. It’s not a requirement but its one of those unspoken rules if you know what I mean. Anways Im excited and it’s my first Thunder game. BTW The Thunder are a pretty big deal here in the OK. Just sayin…

Rest of the weekend: We survived the birthday bash. It was very low key with only one invitee able to show. We headed to the movies The Wrath of the Titans. Normally movies like this actually make me want to nap in the theatre but this one held my attention and was pretty good. (Admits in a dark theatre when the action scenes take 30 minutes, it is my best napping time ever )

The soccer game was also a hit. I love this non competitive, laid back, played the whole game kind of environment. A big change from football. He had a blast and even yelled this is wearing me out! He got more play time in that hour than he had in one season of football combined despite a bodily injury to certain sensitive areas..ahem.

(For the record.. he knows the shin guards go on the inside but thinks they fit better on the outside. He’s stong willed and I’ve learned to choose my battles.)

Plans For The Week: Im looking forward to a day off on Tuesday for middle school enrollment. The boys are also off on Friday for a snow day. Lord knows if they dont take it when it’s a blizzard they best take a snow day in April when it probably will be 80. Had I known of this snow day I would have taken that day too. We also will be completing the birthday monthly marathon of cake since my MIL will be down and requested cake when she comes. Plus Easter and a huge surprise from the Easter Bunny for the boys. You’ll see when it gets here we’ve been building them up for it for awhile. Lets just say it’s all 3 of their birthdays combined. I know your excited…don’t be.

Picture Thoughts: According to my garden savvy mother- my daffidols probably will not bloom this year as they are still in shock from the drought and the rains came to late.  If you only knew how happy and springish the yard looks with the daffis. This news hurts my heart a little. Here’s a dandi to make it all better.


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