Day Book 3/26

Outside My Window: Lovely day for soccer! To bad I mis read the e-mail (again) and practice isn’t until tomorrow. Story of my life.

I Am Hearing: Some boys playing on the ‘puter…you know the usual.

I Am Thinking: This month is pretty much over and that means April is going to be crazy busy as usual. I decided to keep the party plans pretty low key. Boys I think are pretty easy going about birthday parties in general. I’ve learned (finally) after all these years that they really don’t need “planned activities” around the preteen/teen years. Yes folks very soon like that special day set aside for the Fools of April, I will have a teenager. Hold Me!

The Weekend: No major plans. My dad tooled us around town in his new truck and we had dinner and cake. I’m approximating I probably will have eaten at least 4 different cakes by the time April is over. Not that Im complaining. Im just saying.

School: Well it’s technically the 3rd week but week 1 and week 2 work was all due week 2. Note to self: Just because everything is due the second week doesn’t mean you should procrastinate and turn it all in that week. I do this everytime. STATS is holding its own. Im not going to cry in my cereal yet. I had one great quiz and the second one not so much. I blame the procrastination on the second.

Plans For The Week: Hopefully get the soccer scheduling ironed out. I have high hopes that he’s going to love it and he’s going to get to play a lot. The hubs already agreed that if soccer is his thang than he can do soccer in the fall instead of football (whispers yay). I love me some football..but yeah it’s a lot of practice and dedication to just watch your little bench warmer warm the bench. He’s really good at it.

Picture Thoughts: I had big plans to get up early Sunday and take the boys to that park I keep swooning over..yeah it didn’t happen. I really want to get out there before Picnick shuts down for good (it’s ok it’s a picture makes me look like an awesome photographer when Im just medicore).

This was taken at work. I’ve gotta stay in the habit of taking the camera everywhere, cause you just never know you know?
I’m dying to snap shots of the geese that hang around the office. Theres a bridge stream right next to us and they hang out there. The funny thing is these silly geese love the grass that’s across the street. They cross the busy road usually during bad times of the day like say 5 o clock. We need a geese cross sign I guess. Anywho I was going to snap their picture as they were dining on bugs this side of the street when they decided to go ahead and cross. I figured I might look really funny chasing geese and taking pictures at rush hour.


One thought on “Day Book 3/26

  1. Hurray for April birthdays! You know I’m with you in the party planning and cake anticipation. I wouldn’t mind 4 cakes in one month, but my waistline might disagree. Love the pretty picture. And I can totally picture myself chasing geese during rush hour for a photo op. Yup…

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