Day Book 3/18

Outside My Window- The wind is crazy gusty and the humidity is also crazy. It just needs to rain already.

I Am Hearing: The hubs doing his thing with his game. Other than that it’s pretty quiet.

I Am Thinking: The boys have gone to stay with the grandparents for a few days during spring break.

I Am Hoping: This will help get a few things caught up like possibly working on the disasters that are their rooms plus homework of course. We shall see.

Speaking of Homework: The first week of course is always the best. I’m already certain my Lit class is going to be thought provoking and interesting. Though you can tell most of the people in the class are limited on their literary reading. Tsk Tsk..I have to say Im glad that year I stayed home with the boys beefed up my literary prowess. (whatever that means).
Statistics is going to be a bear but I think we already knew that (you did didn’t you?) Im hoping to stay on top of it and not let it overwhelm me. We’ll see how that goes.
My publication class already has us diving into the first “print” project. They always want preliminary sketches which never end up in the final project anyway. I guess it’s good to get a basic layout.
..look at me just chit chatting away like no end.

The Weekend: Was pretty low key. Which was fine after my whirl wind adventure to Tulsa last week plus the off and on pattern of working weekends. Shocking news to note in case you missed it on facebook. My dad finally decided to get him a new truck. For the past 30 plus years he has had the one truck. It’s old, rusty and when you try to drive it a flood of smoke comes from the engine not to mention the shocks are horrible. We’ve told him forever that it’s really not worth the repairs. We’ve even teased that we probably would have to bury him in that truck. Well he finally found one that he really liked (A repo from the bank) and it fit all of his criteria. As usual for my dad, it was a spur of the moment decision and I think shocked my mother a bit. They all seem pretty happy about it and they get to go pick it up tomorrow (today) and the boys get to be the first to test ride. We took a peek at it and it’s nice. It’s not over the top but I think it suits them and everyone will fit comfortably. Bonus it has air conditioning. I know! I feel my dad deserves it after all these years. Maybe it will be their new main mode of transportation. The car is getting up there in years too and has had it’s share of dings and scrapes.

Plans For The Week: I’d like to say Im taking a day or two off for spring break but the work load just wont allow it. It’s been crazy but as long as were only 6 days behind it’s ok according to the top. Isn’t that reassuring?

Picture Thoughts: I tried to take a few pictures but something happens when you don’t use your camera on a regular tends to not want to cooperate. The focus was just really was cranky. Im sure it was the operator, but I was very tempted to go grab old reliable (My Sony) and knew it would know what I was trying to focus on.
One is all you get…

P.S. Can I just mention that I really like the clean format of this new template? Oh I think I just did. 😉


One thought on “Day Book 3/18

  1. Glad to hear your classes are going well so far, is it weird that I’m jealous of all your busy and learning adventures? It’s true.

    I have a hard time focusing sometimes, too, with my DSLR and I wonder “Am I the problem or is it the camera?” Probably a little of both, but mostly me!

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