Day Book 3/12

Outside My Window: Was a glorious day indeed. I felt a little guilty that the oldest took his winter coat to school this morning and I didn’t bother to let him know he didn’t need it.

I Am Hearing: A child complaining that “his taste buds can’t handle the taste of his green beans”

I Am Thinkng: Well Im defragging a litte from my mini change of scenery weekend (that’s what Im calling it) The boys were spoiled rotten by their great grandma who claims they could literally eat her out of house and home and there was not a thing I could do about it.
I also enjoyed my nice visit with dear friends. I gotta little ( a lot) lost leaving her housing addition and ended up somehow in a completely different town (Bixby) and my phone was dead so I couldn’t have GPS get me out and Im too stubborn to stop and ask for directions. Luckily I somehow found Tulsa and the road I needed.
I had the opportunity to play Bunco tonight and had it been any other night I would have been soo on it, but since I was beyond exhausted and I had been apart from my dearly beloved for so long I felt it impractical to go. (This sentence sounds like someone from a Jane Austin novel)

I Am Hoping: To get a little bit of decluttering done tomorrow around the house before school starts again Wednesday. Crossing fingers on that one.

Plans For The Week: I think Im good, really. Nothing major for sure.

Picture Thought: Yeah I took the camera and everything on my little trip and didn’t take a single shot, though I was dying to take a picture of their dog in “his” chair. The lighting was just right and the colors in the chair and the dog would have made a good one. Im sure you can imagine it though. I probably have no more excuses for the lack of picture taking the rest of the year. The weather for sure will not be an excuse.


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