Day Book 3/4

Outside My Window: Picture perfect day! A great day of blowing of bubbles.

I Am Hearing: Not much it’s actually pretty quiet.

I Am Thinking: Well the semester is over. I wash my hands of it. I had set up plans to meet via webinar with my instructor to get some last minute help and he wasn’t able to come through. I emailed what I had and that was that. I will probably take the class again. A lot of people in my class have actually taken it more than a couple of times, so I don’t feel too bad. It is what it is and I’ll get it next time.
I Am Hoping: This spring weather sticks around. Around here a nice spring day only means a blizzard in the next week.
Im also really looking forward to my “spring break”. Im pretty sure I say that every semester but it’s so true. Work and school have literally dragged me through the ringer. Unfortunately work doesn’t give out Spring Breaks but Im highly considering taking a day or so when the kids Spring break starts. I’d really like to get the heck out of dodge for a change of scenery.

Plans for the Week: I have no major plans but Im thinking my Kindle is really calling my name and it just sounds heavenly to come home and not stress about school for a few days and just chill with mindless reading. My dirty house is calling my name but Im blatantly ignoring it at least for another day.

I did finally get out and take a few pics. I really have to get back in the groove as I feel my expert picture taking skillz have diminished. I literally only uploaded two pictures for the entire month of February. February was not a good month all around.

Picture Thoughts: I took some pics of what looked like thousands of crows all in our back area (it was actually the neighbors back yard ..but whatever. Sadly they didn’t come out so great. One day I’ll have that awesome telephoto lens.

I did take pics of the kids which wasn’t that exciting either. I have big hopes to take them to this park with an awesome little pond and bridge that I love seeing on my way to work every morning. The problem is it’s a little far for jumping up early in the morning to take pics. One day I will at least stop and get my morning shots eventually. Im blabbering way too much aren’t I? I blame the awesome freedom that Im up kind of latish and it’s not because of homework.

P.S. Remind me to change this icky header in the next few days. I think too much purple makes one mental. Bleh.


One thought on “Day Book 3/4

  1. Hurray for class being over! I think you’ve definitely earned a little break. :O) I’ve been itching to get out of my Dodge, too. April, it cannot come fast enough for me. Love the pics 🙂 Oh and I’ve been trying to do monthly blog headers. Gives me an excuse to change things up a bit.

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